Laika Motorhome Problems : How to Fix Common Issues

Laika is an iconic Italian brand that produces high-quality and stylish RVs/ motorhomes, however some of their RV models over the years have had some frustrating problems and today we will be taking a look at what those problems are and how to effectively troubleshoot them to have your Laika motorhome working properly again in no time. Let’s get into it.

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What Is A Laika Motorhome?

Laika is an Italian brand that produces some of the most high-quality and stylish RVs/motorhomes in the world.  Their motorhomes are some of the world’s most revered due to their unique and stylish interior designs. Laika motorhomes also come with good engines that you can be sure will take you to wherever you would like to go no matter the distance.

Laika Motorhome Problems

1. Water Infiltration Issues

One of the most common issues with Laika motorhomes are water infiltration problems that eventually lead to water damage and mold growth. These can be caused by;

  • Worn-out roof seals
  • Faulty plumbing connections or cracked pipes
  • Failing slide-out room seals

Troubleshooting The Water Infiltration Issues

  • You should inspect the seals regularly and reseal or replace them every 3-5 years to prevent leaks
  • Look for any signs of water damage around water heaters, sinks, showers or toilets and have a certified RV technician inspect and repair or replace any leaking plumbing components.
  • Also inspect slide-out seals and parts yearly and reseal or replace as needed and lubricate any moving parts to also help prevent wear and tear.

2. Electrical System Malfunctions

The electrical system in Laika motorhomes is prone to problems that can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst. They are usually caused by;

  • A faulty control panel
  • A faulty power converter

Troubleshooting The Electrical System Malfunctions

  • The control panel may need a replacement if buttons or switches are unresponsive or interior lights flicker on and off.
  • Check to see if the power converter is functioning correctly. If not then you may have to have a professional RV technician replace it for you.
  • Do not attempt to fix any electrical problems with the RV yourself because they may be too complex due to the intricate wiring of Laika motorhomes.

3. Excessive Wind Noise

One common complaint from Laika motorhome owners is excessive wind noise while driving. This problem is likely caused by;

  • Cracks or holes
  • Opened windows, etc

Troubleshooting The Excessive Wind Noise Problem

  • You need to inspect the motorhome for any visible cracks or holes and then seal them with a high quality sealant.
  • Be sure to apply weatherstripping tape around doors and windows, and sealant around the cab over bed.
  • You may also need to apply expanding foam insulation because installing sound deadening panels especially in the cab over bed area can also help muffle exterior noises before they enter the living space.

4. Difficulty Accessing Certain Areas

Accessing certain components on Laika motorhomes can be challenging due to their construction. The fresh water tank, gray water tank and black water tank are typically located in the underbelly of the coach which requires the removal of exterior panels to get access to, which can be a very time consuming problem.

Troubleshooting The Difficulty Accessing Certain Areas Problem

  • You will have to remove the underbelly panels but the tanks themselves can still be difficult to access as they may be placed between frame rails, plumbing lines and wiring.
  • Any issues with the tanks, valves, plumbing or wiring in this area could require serious disassembly to address which translates into higher labor costs.
  • Be sure to incur the help of professional RV technicians before attempting to fix any of the problems in this article.

5. Engine Issues

Another common issue with Laika motorhomes is engine problems. As the power source for your Laika motorhome, the engine is critical to a smooth camping experience. These issues are mainly caused by;

  • Poor engine maintenance
  • A faulty cooling system
  • Exhaust leakage

Troubleshooting The Engine Issues

  • Poor engine maintenance is said to be a leading cause of engine trouble. So you need to be sure to perform regular maintenance on your engine according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Be sure to also inspect coolant levels, check for any visible leaks before driving long distances and refill them as needed.
  • Exhaust leak exposure can be very dangerous to people in the motorhome and cause damage to the engine therefore it is important to inspect the engine and exhaust system for any leakages and seal them up rightly.

How To Avoid Laika Motorhome Problems

  • Check all fluid levels and them replace as needed because a well-maintained motorhome will have fewer issues.
  • When repairs or replacements are needed you need to choose parts from reputable brands that specialize in RVs.
  • Be sure to obey the speed limit and avoid sudden maneuvers.
  • Make sure the motorhome is level for the best operation of components like refrigerators, plumbing systems and slide-outs.
  • Also insulate water hookups and tanks in cold weather because a lack of ventilation and insulation can lead to

Are Laika Motorhomes Reliable?

Laika motorhomes are very reliable especially their newer models, however, some common problems have been reported with older models from the 1990s and early 2000s with water ingress and electrical faults. More recent models from 2005 onwards have seen a marked improvement in build quality and reliability.

How Easy Are Laika Motorhomes To Drive?

Laika motorhomes typically have a standard cab design and are said to handle much like a large van or truck. While no motorhome will handle as easy as a small car, Laika motorhomes are reasonably easy to maneuver and park due to their typically compact size.


Laika motorhomes have some significant quality and reliability problems that are important to keep in mind if considering purchasing one. While the modern designs and luxury aesthetics may be pleasing on the surface, the reality of costly repairs and bad customer support will lead to frustration and regret for most Laika motorhome owners. However with some of the tips in this article, you’ll be good to go no matter what.