Common Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Problems And Their Solution

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Problems

Every piece of equipment requires procedural operation and handling for efficient operation. This article seeks to address common problems associated with Husqvarna lawn tractors. Problems associated with lawn tractors basically fall into two categories, mower cutting problems and tractor problems. Mower cutting problems are those to do with inefficient cutting of the mower and tractor category has mainly malfunctioning start up and movement of the tractor.

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Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Problems and Possible Solutions

1.    Machine start up failure

  • Equipment suppliers provide manuals for safe equipment operation. The Husqvarna tractor model is supplied with operation procedures to guide the user. Incorrect starting procedure may result in tractor failing to start and hence users must always refer to the manuals for all start-up problems of the machine.
  • Running an engine requires a good balance of fuel and air for the ignition process. If the filter unit is clogged and air flow is inhibited, the conditions become reducing and thus the tractor is likely to fail start. Always make sure the air filter is clean and replace if due for service.
  • If a spark plug is defective or the fuel is empty, the mobile equipment won’t run. In both cases the combustion is affected which provide power for the engine to run. It is therefore recommended to check and replace any faulty spark plugs and refuel if fuel tank is empty.
  • Starting problems are also caused by faulty battery circuitry. Low battery voltages, broken and worn out battery terminals, loose and broken electrical connections cause starting problems. Carefully follow the battery circuit and attend to all loose and broken connections to address starting problems. Also check batteries terminal voltage and recharge if voltage is low. In some cases the batteries may be damaged and replacement is required to address the problem. These tips also apply to scenarios where the engine will not turn over, clicks but not start and also starts with difficulties.

2.    Engine runs poorly

This is one of the common problems with Husqvarna tractor models. If air and fuel mixture is not balanced the tractor does not run smoothly. This is due to the reduction atmosphere which does not support combustion and therefore engine fails to supply required power for smooth drive. Use of contaminated fuel and air filters is a common cause and hence periodic inspection, cleaning and replacement of malfunctioning filters is a requirement. Replace all contaminated fuel with clean fresh fuel to solve this problem. Additionally, adjusting the throttle valve and cleaning of any dirty spark plugs and incorrect gaping will resolve these problems. It is critical that equipment supplier recommendation is used as guideline for these trouble shooting.

3.    Engine knocks

Internal combustions engines have moving internal parts which generate heat during their operation. Moving parts require oil for cooling and lubrication to increase life. Too low oil levels affect the operating temperature and lubrication effect of the oil reducing engine life due to excessive wear and tear. This will ultimately results in engine knock. It is therefore important to keep checking the engine oil levels and ensure use of recommended oil grade for your engine.

4.    Excessive oil consumption.

The Husqvarna tractor models are also prone to excessive oil consumption. Proper oil levels in the crank case and recommended oil grade are important for efficient operation of the equipment. To ensure normal oil consumption ensure correct oil levels are maintained with use of correct oil grade. Also make sure that engine fins are always clean and not blocked which causes the engine to run hot increasing the consumption rate of oil.

5.    Loss of power

The problem mostly result from a combination of factors from improper cutting process and faulty engine components. These include faulty battery and loose connections, low or dirt oil, throttle in choke position, contaminated fuel and faulty spark plugs. Steps to address these root causes have already been discussed and they do apply to this problem.

6.    Faulty braking system

This occurs when the mower fails to stop after application of brakes. This problem is common with the Husqvarna tractors due to either worn out brake calipers or incorrect adjustment or both. To solve the problem, simply replace worn out brake calipers and ensure correct adjustment recommended by supplier. It is also advisable to engage a competent person to rectify any mechanical problem.

7.    Engine keeps running when operator leaves seat without disengagimg clutch.

Faulty operator-safety presence control is the main cause of this problem. The Husqvarna models comes with operator safety presence control function which detects the absence of operator and cuts power to the engine. Check all wiring, switches and connections to attend to this problem. Also contact competent person as advised by most suppliers.

Husqvarna Lawn Tractor Cutting Problems

1.    Mower blades not rotating

This problem is common also with the Husqvarna lawn tractors. This is caused by presence of an obstruction in the clutch mechanism which can be resolved by checking and removing all obstructions on the clutching mechanism which might block power transfer from engine. Mower may also stop moving due to worn out or broken mower drive belt. Worn out, broken or elongated mower belts needs replacement so that they provide the drive required to the mower blades. Lastly frozen idler pulley or blade mandrel requires replacement so that the blades rotates freely to cut the grass.

2.    Mower will not raise

With most Husqvarna mowers, this problem is due to damaged linkages or improper lifting linkage attachment. Make sure that Husqvarna manuals are used as guidelines for any attachment and repair any damaged linkages.

3.     Poor Mower Cut

Mower cutting problems are caused mainly by incorrect deck level, blades misalignment, unequally inflated tires, worn out or damaged blades and uneven terrain. It is recommended to check and address all these issues to ensure even and smooth mower cut. Also clean the deck when clogged with grass to ensure even cutting. Poor cutting also arises when the mower drive belt slips due to oil or grease contamination. Cleaning of the belt should solve the slipping problem which causes poor cuts. Also check and reduce the ground speed to recommended or appropriate levels that gives uniform cuts.

4.    Excessive mower vibration

To address the problem of vibration on the Husqvarna lawn tractors, one has to check blades for loose attachments, bent and defective blades results in force imbalances and ultimately leads to vibration. Replace all the bent, blunt or defective mower blades. Always ensure that blade tightly secured to minimize vibrations.