Impax Generator Problems : 6 Known Issues (Explained)

Impax is well known for making high quality portable generators that are low noise, low emissions and 100% safe for digital equipment. Their generators use modern 4 cycle combustion engines and the latest auto-throttle technology that allows for reduced noise and better fuel efficiency. Their entire range of generators is built around the digital inverter technology; hence they are suitable for charging Li-Ion batteries, powering tools and a wide range of caravan and outdoor power needs. Despite however the wonderful design and the incredible performance of Impax generators, they can develop problems, and these will be discussed down below.

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What Is An Impax Generator?

Impax generators are wonderful backup power solutions from Impax. Some of their most remarkable offerings include the IM800I, the IM1500I and the IM2500I, these feature IP24 cases for durability purposes. The generators feature 4 stroke petrol engines, this allows the generators such as the2500I to produce 2200W of power from a 4.6Hp 4-stroke 124cc Petrol engine. The generator also features the recoil start, an oil level alert and auto throttle hence allowing for reduced noise and fuel consumption.

Impax Generator Problems

NB: Impax generators such as the IM2500I are usually sold without any defects and any problems which may arise, including those highlighted below in this article are usually caused by wear and tear arising on the Impax generator while it is in operation.

1. Engine Won’t Start

The Impax Generator converts the angular momentum from the engine into electrical power which is then used to power electrical appliances. The engine failing to start is therefore a serious challenge. There are several reasons that may cause the Impax generator engine to fail to start and these include,

  • Lack of oil or low oil level in the engine.
  • Insufficient compression due to a loose spark plug or loose cylinder head bolt.
  • Insufficient compression due to a damaged gasket.

Troubleshooting Engine Failure To Start

When the Impax generator engine fails to start the following can be done to try and address the issue.

  • Filling the oil sump to the correct level and ensuring the correct oil is used.
  • Tightening the loose spark plug and cylinder head bolt so as to allow for proper ignition and combustion of the fuel.
  • Replacing the gasket when it becomes damaged or defective.

2. Low Engine Output

One may notice that the generator is not producing sufficient power and hence failing to power the equipment that it was designed to power. This therefore possibly indicating that no fuel is being supplied to the combustion chamber. This problem can be caused by,

  • Not pulling the starting rope with sufficient speed.
  • Foreign matter in the fuel tank or the fuel tap not being open.
  • Clogged fuel line or lack of fuel in the fuel tank.

Troubleshooting Low Engine Power Output

When the engine fails to produce sufficient power due to little or no fuel reaching the combustion chamber, this problem can be addressed by,

  • Pulling the rope sharply to ensure it has sufficient speed to start the engine.
  • Cleaning the tank to remove any dirt or foreign matter and opening the fuel tap so as to ensure there is sufficient fuel reaching the combustion chamber.
  • Cleaning the fuel line using the correct procedures and methods that are recommended by the dealer to ensure the fuel lines are not clogged. One should also ensure to regularly refuel to ensure there is always an adequate supply of fuel in the tank.

3. Poor Spark

Poor sparking in the Impax combustion chamber can cause the engine to fail to produce the required amount of power. This problem can be caused by,

  • Spark plug being dirty with carbon or wet with fuel.
  • Damaged or defective spark plug.
  • Faulty magneto.

Troubleshooting Poor Spark

The problem of poor sparking in the Impax generator combustion chamber can be addressed by,

  • Regularly removing the carbon and drying of the spark plug to ensure it does not get wet.
  • Replacing the spark plug when it gets damaged.
  • Consulting a dealer or a recommended professional to get advice on how to deal with a faulty magneto.

4. Engine Running Erratically

The Impax generator engine may start to run erratically or in an unstable manner, with excessive vibrations and maybe noise. This problem may be caused by,

  • Wrong grade of fuel being used in the Impax generator.
  • Overloading the engine by using gadgets that draw too much power. This also possibly resulting in over heating of the generator.
  • Improper adjustment of the carburetor.

Troubleshooting Engine Erratic Running

To solve the problem of the engine running erratically the following can be done,

  • Using the correct fuel grade in the Impax generator engine.
  • Only using the Impax generator within its recommended load capacity and not overloading it. Also providing sufficient cooling is necessary to prevent overheating.
  • Consulting the dealer to get assisted with the adjustment of the carburetor.

5. No AC From The Generator

One may notice that the AC outlets of the Impax generator are not producing any power despite the indicator light being on. This problem can be caused by,

  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Poor connections or faulty leads.
  • Broken receptacle or faulty circuit breakers.

Troubleshooting AC Power Problem

When one notices that the AC outlets are not producing power, the following can be done to solve the problem,

  • Resetting the circuit breaker when it becomes tripped.
  • Checking and repairing poor connections or faulty leads in the Impax generator.
  • Regularly checking and repairing any broken receptacles or faulty breakers.

6. Output Power Too High

The Impax generator output power outlets may be producing power that is too high and beyond the stipulated limits or too low, this problem may be caused by,

  • Engine RPMs being set too high or too low.
  • Loose components in the Impax generator.
  • Internal Impax generator problem.

Troubleshooting Output Power Problem

To solve the problems with output power the following can be done,

  • Setting the no load speed to the recommended limit for example 3000rpm for the IM2500I.
  • Locating and tightening any loose components.
  • Consulting the dealer to get any internal problems solved.

How To Avoid Impax Generator Problems?

The best way to avoid any problems developing with the Impax generator is to regularize with the generator’s operator manual and only using the Impax generator as stated in the manual. Also ensure to follow the appropriate maintenance schedule and avoid overloading the generator to ensure it does not develop any problems.

What Grade Of Oil Does The Impax Generator Use?

The Impax generator such as the IM800I 700W uses the SAE 10W-30 grade oil. The SAE 5W-30 is recommended for colder temperatures or winter use.

What Engine Is In An Impax Generator?

The Impax generator such as the Impax IM2000SIG 1800W Inverter Generator 230V uses a 4-stroke unleaded petrol engine with an ECO throttle system.


In conclusion the Impax generator is a wonderful generator option that is very fuel efficient and runs with very little noise and vibrations. It can however develop problems if not properly taken care of. Regularly maintenance is therefore of paramount importance to ensure the generator performs as intended.