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Cows Eat Rice

Can Cows Eat Rice?

Rice constitutes a significant amount of human dietary plans. In fact, it is considered as a staple food in some countries hence the ample production of the crop. Since it is rich in essential nutrients, the agricultural community has been aimed at finding out whether cows can eat rice as supplementary feed without adversely impacting …

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Cows Eat Rhubarb

Can Cows Eat Rhubarb?

The world has experienced changes in climate within the past few decades. This has largely impacted on the agricultural industry. The gradual change in rainfall patterns and seasonal changes alter the type of quality of feed available to livestock. This challenge, coupled with the rapid increase in the demand for livestock products has resulted in …

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Cows Eat Radishes

Can Cows Eat Radishes?

The availability of good quality forage is a major challenge during the dry season or in areas with low annual rainfall. Under such conditions, it is a common practice to purchase hay among other types of feed. However, with the continuous increase of livestock feed it is difficult to sustain these diets for prolonged periods. …

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Cows Eat Pear

Can Cows Eat Pear?

Cows were originally domesticated with dietary plans consisting of strictly forage. No feed supplements or additives were added. This was mostly because of the limited demand for livestock products and so production was quite low. However as time progressed, so did the demand for milk and meat hence the use of improved dietary plans. While …

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Cows Eat Peanuts

Can Cows Eat Peanuts?

Feed comprises the single largest cost of livestock farming, particularly milk and beef production. The price of feed has drastically increased within the last few years to an extent some farmers find it difficult to provide cows with the recommended feedstuff. Consequentially, meat and milk production tends be low. As such, farmers with readily available …

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Cows Die From Stress

Can Cows Die From Stress?

For decades, the agricultural community has been aimed at discovering the key factor that determines propensity for improved health and longevity. While physical, chemical and biological factors play a major role in animal health and life expectancy, it has been proven that longevity hazards also include physical and emotional stress. Stress can be formally explained …

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