Thermopro TP04 Vs TP16 : Complete Comparison Review

Cooking a medium rare or a well-done piece of meat can be very challenging if one does not have a cooking thermometer particularly if the meal is meant for fine dining. When cooking rare meats, it is very important to monitor the temperature of the meat, this because the margin between a well-cooked piece of meat and one that is overcooked is often just a few degrees Fahrenheit. Hence the importance of ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 thermometers. Both these thermometers are an indispensable tool when cooking. They offer good versatility and functionality as they can be used in a wide range of cooking scenarios. The question then rises to say which is more superior and where does each thermometer shin the brightest.

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Specs/Features Table

ThermoPro TP04 ThermoPro TP16
Product Dimensions 5.66  1.65 3.7 inches 2.25  0.59   1.54 inches
Batteries 1 AAA battery 1 AAA battery
Included Components Manual 1 Manual 1
Features Large LCD, Count Down Timer, preset temperatures for certain meats such as Poultry and beef. Alarm Large LCD, Countdown and Count Up Timer, preset temperatures for certain meats such as Poultry and beef. Alarm
Response time 10 seconds 0.5 seconds
Recommended Uses for Product BBQ, Oven, Candy, Smoker, Grill, Meat and Food BBQ, Oven, Candy, Smoker, Bread, Meat and Food
Color White/Grey Light Silver and pure black
Temp Range 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 482 Degrees Fahrenheit (0 Degrees Celsius to 250 Degrees Celsius); Accuracy 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit; Accuracy
Item Weight 5.3 ounces 3.4 ounces
Resolution 1_degree 1 .8_degree
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
ThermoPro TP04
ThermoPro TP04
ThermoPro TP16
ThermoPro TP16

ThermoPro TP04 vs ThermoPro TP16: Design

One of the biggest differences between the two thermometers is the overall design. The ThermoPro TP04 thermometer is much bigger and weighs a bit heavier than the ThermoPro TP16. The ThermoPro TP04 weighs 5.3 ounces and measures 5.66  1.65 3.7 inches. The ThermoPro TP16 on the other hand is lighter and weighs only 3.4 ounces. It also measures 2.25  0.59   1.54 inches making it much lighter and the smallest thermometer of the two. The ThermoPro TP04 has the MEM S/S Button, HR button and MIN Buttons at the front of the thermometer below the screen while the ThermoPro TP16 has the same buttons located on the up facing panel of the thermometer. The MEM button is used to adjust temperature settings while the HR and MIN buttons are used to set the hours and minutes of the timer respectively.

ThermoPro TP04 vs ThermoPro TP16: Temperature Ranges

The second biggest difference between the ThermoPro TP 04 and ThermoPro TP16 is the temperature range that the thermometers can safely operate under. The ThermoPro TP04 is suitable when operated in temperatures ranging from 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 482 Degrees Fahrenheit (0 Degrees Celsius to 250 Degrees Celsius). This is sufficient for most cooking scenarios such as when cooking beef medium to 160 Degrees Fahrenheit (71 Degrees Celsius) or Poultry at 165 Degrees Fahrenheit (74 degrees Celsius). The ThermoPro TP04 is sufficient for most applications however for higher temperature applications, this is when the ThermoPro TP16 can prove to be a much more suitable tool as the thermometer can measure temperatures ranges from 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit. The 6.5-inch food-grade stainless steel meat probe and 40-inch stainless steel mesh cable are also heat resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 716 Degrees Fahrenheit or 380 degrees Celsius.

ThermoPro TP04 vs ThermoPro TP16: Price Offerings

The ThermoPro TP16 is a much cheaper option costing $19 thanks to a 33% price cut from the original $29.99 hence making it a significantly cheaper option than the ThermoPro TP04 which costs $30. The ThermoPro TP16 comes in two color options, namely light silver at $19.99 and Pure black at $21.99 while the ThermoPro TP04 comes in white and Grey.

Placement Options

One of the biggest frustrations of working with utensils is discovering that it has no anchor points to put the utensil. Thankfully however both the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 where designed with easy of anchor in mind. Both thermometers have three placement options that are suitable for a wide range of surfaces and materials. The thermometers feature a magnetic back for when the cook wants to stick the thermometers on a metal surface. The ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 also feature table top stands for easy mounting and reading of temperature readings. Kitchen hook holes are also provided with both models in case there are anchor points in the kitchen and for the convenience of the chef.

Powering The Thermometers

Both the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 are powered by a single AAA battery that is replaceable. A battery is provided with both the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 and one can also replace this battery when it runs out of power. Ensure a good alkaline battery is used with the unit and that it is replaced often to ensure accuracy of the thermometers. One other strong point with both the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 is that both can be used with both the timer and cooking mode simultaneously, however viewing the readings for either mode one has to use the mode selector at the back of the units to switch between the two. This action won’t stop the functioning of either modes, the countdown timer will continue to countdown while the thermometer temperature readings will resume as intended.

Preset Meat Temperatures And Alarm System

One other big plus with the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 is the preset meat temperatures. Basically, what this feature does is that it allows the user to select from the preset meat varieties that are programmed in to the thermometer. These include Poultry (185 ), Beef Well (17), Veal Pork (170), Beef Medium (160), Ham (160)and Fish/beef Rare (145). With these options one needs only to choose the appropriate option with the MEM button and arrow buttons and when the meat reaches the preselected temperature the alarm will sound to alert the user before the meat is over cooked.

LCD Display

Both the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 feature a large LCD display that displays large digits hence they can be seen from a distance. There is also a manual switch at the back of both thermometers that allows the user to set their preferred temperature between the Degrees Celsius and Degrees Fahrenheit system. A timer is also included with the unit to accurately set cooking times. Another strong point with these thermometers is the fact that there is a long 40 inches(1m) stainless steel wire mesh that connects the measuring probe with the thermometer and hence one can safely measure the temperature even for food that is baking in the oven.

ThermoPro TP04 Vs ThermoPro TP16: Verdict

Choosing between the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16 often comes down to preference. Both thermometers are well equipped and sufficient to carry out the task. The ThermoPro TP16 has a much greater temperature range of 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit, while the ThermoPro TP04 has a range of 32 Degrees Fahrenheit to 482 Degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the ThermoPro TP16 more suitable for applications in high heat cooking applications. It is also very responsive at 0.5 seconds while the ThermoPro TP04 has a response of 10 seconds. The ThermoPro TP16 is also much lighter and of smaller dimensions hence this can also be a factor to consider depending on the preferences of the user. Both thermometers however are very accurate and have an accuracy of plus or minus 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to pricing the ThermoPro TP16 is also very cheap at $19.99 dollars as compared to the ThermoPro TP04 which costs $30. Both thermometers are suitable for a wide range of meats such as poultry, pork and beef.

Why Do You Need The ThermoPro TP04 And The ThermoPro TP16?

One of the biggest reasons to buy the ThermoPro TP04 and the ThermoPro TP16 are the countdown timers and alarms functions. The countdown system can be used to set the time one needs to cook the meat for and the thermometer will sound an alarm when that time is reached. The alarm system can also be used to sound when the required temperature has been reached. The timer system is very effective and can be set up to 99-hours, 59-minutes. There are also 6 preset cooking temperatures for different types of meats however it has been noticed that these temperatures might be a bit too high hence there may be need to use different temperatures depending on one’s liking, for example the poultry setting is set at 185 Degrees Fahrenheit however for most people 165 Degrees Fahrenheit might be the best temperature.

Downsides Of The Thermometers

It has been noted that accuracy at high temperatures and especially with the ThermoPro TP04 can be a bit of an issue as the readings might be off. The thermometers can become defective and especially the screen and the probe, however ThermoPro provides a 90-day warranty hence it is wise to contact ThermoPro if any issues arise. The ThermoPro TP04 only has a countdown timer while the ThermoPro TP16 has both a countdown timer and count up timer hence increasing its functionality.

Precautions To Observe With The Thermometers

Both the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16 are not water proof as such it advisable not to expose the plug of the probe or plug hole into any liquid as this might affect the proper functioning of the thermometers. The probe and cable shouldn’t be put into a dishwasher, but instead the probe must be washed with hot water and soap and then rinsed and dried off thoroughly before storing the unit. The base unit for the thermometers must only be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dirt.

Further Precautions

The probes for the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16 thermometers must not be used in a microwave to avoid any accidents. The probes also must not be exposed to direct flames otherwise it will display LLL to indicate it is out of range. The probe must also be placed at least 5cm (2 inches) into the thickest part of the meat, and away from the gristle or bone. Also ensure the wire mesh has enough slack in the oven before closing the door otherwise the probe may be pulled out resulting in faulty readings. Also ensure the base unit is placed away from any heat sources to prevent damage. A good alkaline battery will also ensure accurate readings with the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will look into some of the questions that people ask about the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16

How accurate is the ThermoPro meat thermometer

According to the official postings of both the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16 on the Amazon store they both have an accuracy of plus or minus 1.8 Degree Fahrenheit, it should be noted that over time the thermometer readings may become inaccurate and especially if it is abused. Also ensure the thermometer is not used to measure the direct temperature of the oven and if this occurs and especially for temperatures above 200 Degrees Fahrenheit the accuracy may drop to within 1 Degree Fahrenheit and 5 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Is the cable heat resistant

According to the official posting on the Amazon website, the cable is heat resistant up to 716 Degrees Fahrenheit (380 degrees Celsius)

Why does the thermometer have a poultry setting of 185 instead of 165 and can I change it?

Chicken with a bone in it is often cooked to 185 since cooking with bones in the meat can affect the cooking temperatures. Also, one cannot change the preset temperatures but they can however create their own that suit their needs. Instructions can be found on the thermometer manuals that can be downloaded from the product listing on the Amazon store website.

Is there a way to set the temperature, such that the Alarm goes off when the set temperature is reached?

Yes, one can preset the desired temperature or even use one of the preset temperatures. Instructions on using the thermometers can be found in the manuals that can be downloaded from the official Amazon store product listings.


In conclusion both the ThermoPro TP04 and ThermoPro TP16 are wonderful cooking thermometers and they offer great functionality and reliability however when considering the cost, the ThermoPro TP16 might be a better fit since it has a wider temperature range and it is also cheaper and lighter. The purchase decision however rests with the consumer and sometimes on which thermometer is readily available on the market.

ThermoPro TP04
ThermoPro TP04
ThermoPro TP16
ThermoPro TP16