Milwaukee M12 Inflator Problems : Fixes & Solutions

There are a number of tire inflators out there. Milwaukee makes some of the best inflators you will find on the market. One of its common inflator models is the Milwaukee M12. In this article we shall be discussing some of the common Milwaukee M12 inflator problems.

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What Is The Milwaukee M12 Inflator?

The Milwaukee M12 inflator is a cordless tire inflator. The Milwaukee M12 inflator is compact and gives both accurate and swift inflation. You can inflate vehicle tires with the Milwaukee M12 inflator in less a minute. The Milwaukee M12 inflator delivers more than 120 PSI. The Milwaukee M12 inflator is a good tire inflator. Regardless, there are some common Milwaukee M12 inflator problems we need to look at.

Milwaukee M12 Inflator Problems

It is inevitable that along the way, some problems with your Milwaukee M12 inflator may occur. That is why it is pertinent that you know what the common Milwaukee M12 inflator problems are. This will prepare you for both preventative and mitigatory measures. Here are some of the common Milwaukee M12 inflator problems:

1. Digital Gauge Complications

The Milwaukee M12 inflator has a digital back lit LCD display. There may be issues that can arise with that digital gauge. There may be times it fails to turn on. Sometimes it may display incorrect pressure readings. When such a problem occurs with your Milwaukee M12 inflator, the possible causes could be:

  • Presence of a vacuum inside
  • Overuse of the inflator
  • Physical damage

Troubleshooting Digital Gauge Complications

When this problem occurs, start off by checking the obvious. These are things such as physical damage or checking to see if you have been overusing it. Once you have narrowed down the possible causes, you can try out the following:

  • Drain to get rid of the vacuum
  • Let the inflator rest for a while
  • Fix or replace any damaged parts

2. Inflator Is Not Working

A fairly common problem is for your Milwaukee M12 inflator to not work. This may be due to a number of possible reasons. To give an idea, here are some of the reasons why your Milwaukee M12 inflator may not be working:

  • Batteries may be flat, faulty, or old
  • Power supply could be faulty
  • Nozzle may be faulty or clipped incorrectly

Troubleshooting Inflator Is Not Working Problem

When your Milwaukee M12 inflator is not working it is usually power-related. You have to conduct some checks on power supply. That will most likely help you figure out where the source of the problem is. Some of the solutions you can explore are:

  • Fix, charge, or replace batteries
  • Ensure there are no disruptions in power supply e.g. dirty contacts on battery pack
  • Ensure the nozzle is working correctly and is clipped properly

3. Inflator Does Not Inflate

This is a common Milwaukee M12 inflator problem. The Milwaukee M12 inflator may actually turn on and run. Yet the inflator will not be inflating the tire. This is a problem that can be caused by the following:

  • Hose connector could be loose
  • Tire could be leaking
  • Hose could be damaged or leaking

Troubleshooting Inflator Does Not Inflate Problem

This is usually a Milwaukee M12 inflator problem you can quickly diagnose. You must be sure it is the inflator because sometimes it may not be the inflator with the issue. Narrow down the possible causes and explore the following solutions:

  • Ensure hose connector is firmly screwed on the valve stem
  • Ensure the tires are not leaking in any way
  • Fix, plug or replace hose.

4. Inflator Is Too Slow

The Milwaukee M12 inflator is designed to operate fast. Under normal circumstances you should be able to inflate a tire in less than 1 minute. If you notice that the inflator is taking too long, it is a problem. Some of the possible causes of this Milwaukee M12 inflator problem are:

  • Inflator could be overheating
  • Voltage supply could be too low
  • Pressure leakages
  • Tire could be damaged

Troubleshooting Inflator Is Too Slow Problem

When your Milwaukee M12 inflator is too slow you must conduct some basic checks. There are times when it is simply because the inflator is fatigued. Some of the remedies you can explore for this problem are:

  • Let the inflator cool off
  • Ensure adequate voltage is being supplied
  • Get rid of any pressure leakages
  • Check and fix any tire damages; or replace tire

5. Air Not Flowing Through

This is another common Milwaukee M12 inflator problem. You may notice that air is not moving through the inflator. Yet the inflator will be running fine. This problem may be due to the following:

  • Inflator could be clogged
  • Seals could be faulty or damaged
  • Loose fittings

Troubleshooting Air Not Flowing Through Problem

You have to make some checks to figure out the root cause. Once you have done that you can try out the following remedies:

  • Dismantle and thoroughly clean internal components of the inflator
  • Fix, readjust, or replace seals
  • Tighten any loose fittings

How To Avoid Milwaukee M12 Inflator Problems

Use the Milwaukee M12 inflator as per the user manual guidelines. You must also conduct regular inspections on your Milwaukee M12 inflator. You must do this before and after every use. Do not overuse your Milwaukee M12 inflator. Regularly clean and store in cool, clean, and dry spaces. These simple approaches will go a long way in avoiding Milwaukee M12 inflator problems.

What Is The Maximum Pressure Of The Milwaukee M12 Inflator?

The maximum pressure of the Milwaukee M12 inflator is 120 PSI.

At What PSI Should Air Compressors Cut In And Out?

Typically, the cut-out pressure lies between 110 PSI and 130 PSI. Cut-in pressure is usually at 20 PSI or lower.


The Milwaukee M12 inflator is a good purchase. The inflator has several convenient features. For instance, the Milwaukee M12 inflator features a big, back lit LCD display. The Milwaukee M12 inflator also has anti-vibration feet. You will enjoy using the Milwaukee M12 inflator. Assimilating and applying the information on common Milwaukee M12 inflator problems you learnt today enhances your user experience.