Elastane vs Polyester

Elastane vs Polyester

Elastane and Polyester are some of the most popular man-made textiles in the world. These two fabrics are produced using a variety of chemicals with each of the resultant substances being used to make fibers and then fabrics that make clothing of these synthetic fibers. But how do they compare? How are they alike? Which […]

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Is Viscose Fabric Stretchy

Is Viscose Fabric Stretchy?

Viscose, commonly known as Rayon is a type of semi-synthetic fabric (composed of both natural and synthetic fibers.) The main ingredient in the manufacturing of Viscose is wood pulp and although it is organic in nature the processes used to make this particular fabric are long and time consuming. Viscose fabric is however, as a

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Is Nylon Good For Winter

Is Nylon Good For Winter?

Nylon is one of the most popular types of fabrics in the world, this is because of its easy-to-make chemical structure. Nylon is what’s known as a polymer fabric, which in layman’s terms mean that the fabric is made from plastic. But can such a fabric be considered to be good for a cold season

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Modal Fabric Good For Summer

Is Modal Fabric Good For Summer?

Most people rarely think about the different kinds and types of fabric in relation to different weather and seasonal conditions. Variety can be very overwhelming and so most people just end up buying the simpler and more readily available option even in very hot season like summer. But in order to fee and be comfortable

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