Is Jacquard Fabric Good For Summer?

From the Jacquard loom machine, this type of fabric is one that has been there since man could weave. However it is referred to as the Jacquard loom (Jacquard fabric) because it was perfected by a man named Joseph Marie Jacquard. But that’s enough history for now. Jacquard fabric is good for summer because it can be made from a variety of different fibers like natural cotton, silk and polyester. These are all fibers that are summer friendly because of their compositional structures. But before we start counting all our chickens before they hatch, let’s find out exactly why Jacquard fabric is good for summer in a much greater depth.

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How Is Jacquard Fabric Made?

Before the Jacquard loom machine was invented, very dangerous machines were being used instead and they often led to crippling injuries for boys no older than the age of fifteen (draw boys) , this is because they were the only ones small enough to climb to a certain height to feed these machines with the fibers. Joseph M. Jacquard, once one of these draw boys, then devoted his life to solving that problem. He adopted the many advances in technological machines and came up with a punch card programmable loom machine that revolutionized the textile industry, and the fabric made from this machine has since been known as the Jacquard loom or Jacquard fabric. Even in today’s modern world with even greater advancements in technology, the Jacquard name has stuck. The Jacquard weave is one of the most intricate in design, it is generally much stronger and thicker than most other types of fabrics or weaves. Jacquard fabric is woven into the fabric itself, creating a layered structure of Jacquard fabric and that is why it is so unique. The interwoven fibers create complex patterns that look very elegant and appealing to the eye.

So Is Jacquard Fabric Good For Summer?

Yes, and no. This is an answer loosely based on what types of fibers are used for the interweaving process, or creation of the Jacquard fabric. For instance Jacquard fabric mainly composing of light fibers like polyester or silk is more likely to be good for summer and it’s hot climate, than say Jacquard fabric made from heavier fibers like cotton or wool. It also depends on what the wearer of the Jacquard fabric will be looking for in their summer apparel. Whether to feel comfortable (cool in temperature) during summer or to feel good about what they will be wearing (these two are often very different.) Summer is quite a hot season, and so to feel comfortable you’ll often have to wear lighter clothing that sways with the wind and catches every cool breeze to keep you comfortable. Rather than retaining heat and making you sweat, which then leads to an uncomfortable feeling. In contrast to feeling good about what you will be wearing during summer is not as simple. Sometimes heavier clothing can be what looks good for summer, but heavier clothing is more likely to retain heat and become very uncomfortable.

Jacquard fabric can work both ways, it just depends on what fibers are used, so this is important to take note of when buying clothing or garments made of Jacquard fabric for summer.

One reason Jacquard fabric can be considered to be good for summer without much debate and opposition is that it looks very good, praised by many for its amazing durability. Although it wouldn’t be relatively good for summer, using wool fibers to make the Jacquard fabric can increase its durability quite a lot. But one problem with Jacquard fabric is that because of its complexity and manufacturing process it has an alarmingly high cost for casual garments (like shirts, pants and so forth), so it is used to make men’s suits and evening wear (like night gowns, etcetera)

It is also good for summer to brighten up you home, Jacquard fabric is great for making homeware like drapes, duvet covers and furniture covers (these types of items are usually more expensive as compared to some from other types of fabrics.)

Types Of Jacquard Fabrics That Are Good For Summer

  1. Brocade – This type of Jacquard fabric originates from China and is one of the most common types of Jacquard fabric. It’s good for summer because it is woven with silk and another fiber, whereby the composition is of two different types of yarn (fiber). Silk is light and does not retain or trap any heat when worn. Silk is in fact one of the most recommended types of fibers your fabric should be made of during summer.
  2. Damask – This type of Jacquard fabric is much more simpler to produce than Brocade, containing one warp yarn and one weft yarn. Because of this variation, the fabric is lighter and better for summer than the previous type of fabric.
  3. Matelassé – It is commonly used tk make pillow shams and coverlet for your bedding. It is good for summer because this type of fabric has raised patterns that aid in moisture wicking, which helps cool down the body for a comfortable summer night’s sleep.
  4. Silk Jacquard – One of the most luxurious fabrics (and Jacquard fabrics), the difference with a Silk Jacquard is that it is entirely Made from silk, as opposed to Brocade which might use silk in conjunction with another type of fiber. As mentioned before, silk is light and very smooth on the body, although expensive, Silk Jacquard would do much good during summer.


Jacquard fabric is good for summer, but it is also good for other seasons. This however, will largely depend on how much money you are willing to spend in order to look and feel comfortable in terms of summer apparel from Jacquard fabric, though the choices aren’t as widespread as one would hope or like. They’re only limited to ornamental apparel, like men’s suits and women’s dresses you’d only wear on occasion, these are your summer parties and get-togethers where it is absolutely necessary to look stunning and Jacquard fabric looks stunning indeed.