Is Georgette Fabric Good For Summer?

Summer is the hottest of all the four temperature seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring), it occurs just after spring. So it might be slow for some people to transition their wardrobe apparel from a spring setup to a summer setup. Spring is much cooler than summer, so apparel is much heavier than in summer. However it would help to consider the different types and kinds of fabric you can use during this period. Georgette fabric is one of the fabrics to highly consider wearing during summer. But is it good or is it because it is one of the best looking types of fabric in the world. With pure Georgette fabric being made of 100% silk, a very light and smooth material that costs a fortune to make.

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So Is Georgette Fabric Any Good For Summer?

Georgette fabric is made up of weaves of twisted yarn that are tightly wound to create a puckered effect. The yarn is twisted alternatively to crate a crinkled effect that is recognizable of the Georgette fabric. The fabric the has a matte looking finish. The weave of Georgette fabric makes it breathable and lightweight, this is the first reason it would be considered good for summer. But Georgette fabric isn’t only good for the summer, it is good for all the seasons, all year round. The fabric has a beautiful matte surface that makes it look good on any occasion.

  • The Georgette fabric is quite bouncy to add swagger to the look of the wearer.
  • Adding to the fabric’s good look is its semi-transparent effect, signifying the weaving prowess of the Georgette fabric, making it a sheer and perfect summer fabric.
  • However, as compared to other fabrics that are suitable or applicable to the summer season, pure Georgette fabric barely has any stretch to it. It is a very strong fabric, however it is still very liable to damage if handled with negligence.
  • Georgette fabric is very adaptable and versatile, you can find almost any form of clothing made from the fabric to suit your summer or seasonal needs; that’s to say you can dress down or up in Georgette fabric clothing and you’d still look good.
  • One problem with the summer season is that if food stuffs or once worn clothing is left unattended and bare, mold tends to accumulate much quicker than any other season because it thrives in temperate environments. Georgette is however a very special kind of fabric, because of its silk composition, the fabric repels the growth of mold and mildew which makes it very crucial to have in summer where you’ll spend most of your time cooling down from all the summer heat whilst you’re sweating through your clothes, creating suitable microbiomes for bacteria like mold to grow.
  • It is also worth noting that Georgette fabric can cause severe allergic reactions to people with organic material allergies, so this is worth considering before purchasing anything made of Georgette fabric.

Types Of Georgette Fabric Good For Summer

  1. Double Georgette – This kind or type of Georgette fabric is thicker but has a translucent appearance, this makes it suitable for summer because there’s openings on the surface of the fabric that let light (and air) pass through it.
  2. Stretch Georgette – As mentioned before, Georgette fabric barely has any stretch to it, there is however an exception and the Stretch Georgette is it. It is made by blending existing Georgette weaves with spandex (a very stretchy material) to solve the fabric’s inability to stretch problem. Stretch Georgette is good for the summer because it provides the wearer with a lot of flexibility for movement. Which you most certainly need in summer to take in as much oxygen as possible on things like long walks and jogs.
  3. Satin Georgette – This type of Georgette fabric is made using a satin weave throughout to give the fabric a glossy, shinier look. This Georgette fabric mostly has to do with the summer look rather than anything else. Although mostvof the properties you expect from Georgette fabric you can also find here.
  4. Jacquard Georgette – Most types of Georgette fabrics are designed and made to solve the problems of standard or traditional Georgette fabric. This type is woven on a Jacquard loom (a machine for interweaving yarn or threading into fabric.) Because of this, the fabric has more strength and a unique Jacquard pattern design as compared to other Georgette fabric types.
  5. Polyester Georgette – A simple and inexpensive type of Georgette fabric made from polyester instead of silk. The combination of the Georgette weave and polyester material make this kind of German fabric perfect for summer. Polyester is a synthetic and adequately light material, so it will not hug to your body or feel heavy when wearing clothing made from it on a hot summer day.

More On Georgette Fabric

  • To get the best out of Georgette fabric, it needs to be made of 100% silk and not cheap synthetic materials. This aids in its breathability nature and flowy swagger.
  • Georgette fabric is naturally crinkled because of the usage of twisted yarns in the weaving process. It is however very distinct from other fabrics.
  • Georgette fabric is almost entirely similar to Crepe fabric because of the use of silk and other synthetic materials, the difference is in the weave.
  • George fabric is quite sensitive, when you’ve washed the fabric, you should not stretch it or wring it as it may affect the texture of the fabric. You should instead be gentle with it and put it under a shade to dry.


Georgette fabric has more to do with the look and appearance of the wearer during summer more than anything else. No other fabric is as flower and unique-looking as Georgette fabric. There are a lot more fabrics to consider wearing in summer, but Georgette fabric is one of the main ones and that is for good reason too; quality weave, quality and very expensive silk that inherently has antimicrobial properties. So when picking clothes this summer, pick something made of Georgette fabric.