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Cows Eat Zucchini

Can Cows Eat Zucchini?

The need to provide cows with alternative feed sources such as zucchini has been exacerbated by the continuous increase in livestock feed beyond the capability of most farmers. The consequence of this challenge being lower production levels thus failure to effectively meet the global demand for meal and milk. Zucchini has been grown for decades …

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Cows Founder on Grass

Can Cows Founder on Grass?

The term founder is often used interchangeably with lamination. This is because both conditions are related. Founder is basically the inflammation of the lamina that encompasses the foot bone in a lacy network. This condition is known to cause devastating pain and possibly permanent damage to the foot. Cows suffering from founder often experience deformity …

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Pig Feed Formulation

Pig Feed Formulation

Feed is the most important aspect of livestock farming. It determines the productivity as well the profitability of the farming venture. In fact, feed represents approximately 65 to 70% of the overall pig production costs. This is often beyond the financial capacity of most farmers, particularly those who practice domestic farming. As such, pig feed …

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Pigs Eat Chocolate

Can Pigs Eat Chocolate?

Livestock farming has grown tremendously over the past few years placing great strain on resources. Consequentially, the cost of feed has increased drastically. While other livestock producers are facing challenges in providing constant supply of a well-balanced dietary plan, the upside of rearing pigs is that they are generally not picky thus can feed on …

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Boer Goats Lifespan

Boer Goats Lifespan

We shall be looking at goats, specifically Boer goats – they are well acclaimed for their superior attributes. The scientific name for Boer goats is Capra aegagrus hircus. On average, goats have a life span that ranges from 15 to around 18 years. Interestingly, the life spans of Boer goats vary. Some say that Boer …

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