Problems With The Yanmar YT235 Tractor And How To Fix Them

Knowing which problems your tractor is most likely to face can help you in the futures should you need to troubleshoot them. Below we look at some of the most common problems experienced by Yanmar YT235 tractors and how you can easily resolve them.

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What Is Yanmar YT235?

The Yanmar YT235 is a multi-purpose compact tractor that has a hydrostatic transmission system. This tractor comes with a front-end loader, hydraulic backhoe and three point hitch attachments for mowing, tilling, plowing, planting and digging. The Yanmar YT235 has a smooth power steering and it is very durable and reliable.

Yanmar YT235 Problems

1. Warning Lights Flash On The Dash

One of the problems which you may experience with a Yanmar YT235 tractor is that the warning lights might flash on the dash and in most cases they just vanish before you can even resolve the problem. This problem happens because the self-diagnosis system in a Yanmar YT235 is not that good so in order to resolve the issue it is highly advisable that you take your tractor to a reputable Yanmar dealer to have the issue resolved.

2. Diesel Mixes With Oil

Another problem which you may experience with a Yanmar YT235 tractor is that the diesel may end up mixing with the oil. This is because the engine of a Yanmar YT235 usually has problems with the water separator, lift pumps or fuel pump. In some instances the diesel will start leaking and get into the oil crankcase. This can cause serious engine problems. Therefore, it is important that you take your Yanmar YT235 to a reputable Yanmar tractor dealer and have the issue resolved.

3. Shortage Of Spare Parts

Spare parts of a Yanmar YT235 are also very hard to find. This problem is influenced by the fact that Yanmar tractors are made in Japan so if you are looking for spare parts, they will need to be transported from Japan into your country. This can be a long process especially if you are in urgent need of the spare parts. Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, you should always purchase your spare parts way ahead of time.

4. Dull Blades

You may also get dull blades on your Yanmar YT235 and this problem is caused by wear and tear of the blades. This means that if you are constantly using the blades on your tractor they will start becoming dull and in order to avoid this you should constantly sharpen your blades. In the event that they cannot he sharpened you will need to have them replaced with new ones.

5. Faulty Carburetor

The carburetor of a Yanmar YT235 can sometimes face problems. In most instances it becomes clogged and this causes the engine of the tractor to run poorly. In order to resolve the issue you need to clean the carburetor, but if it is damaged beyond repair you will need to replace it with a new one.

6. Faulty Spark Plugs

The spark plugs of your Yanmar YT235 tractor can also become faulty if you are always using your tractor. If the spark plugs are fault your tractor will have a hard time starting or the engine will perform poorly. In order to resolve this problem you should regularly check your spark plugs and clean them if they are corroded. If they have a fault you should consider fixing or replacing them with new ones.

7. Electrical Problems

You may also experience electrical problems with your Yanmar YT235. This problem usually occurs when the battery is low or when the battery connections are loose or faulty. In order to troubleshoot the problem you should start by charging your battery. You should also check battery connections and tighten them if they are loose. You can only replace the battery if the current one is damaged.

Causes Of Yanmar YT235 Problems

Excessive Use Of Tractor

One of the main causes of Yanmar YT235 tractor problems is excessive use of the tractor. If you are constantly using your tractor, chances are very high that most of the parts will start to deteriorate. Therefore, it is advisable that you limit your usage of the tractor of you want it to last you a lifetime.

Wear And Tear

Another cause of Yanmar YT235 tractor problems is wear and tear. All tractors are prone to wear and tear so as your Yanmar YT235 ages, it means that it will also start developing these problems. Therefore, as your tractor ages you should just acknowledge that it will start experiencing problems.

Poor Maintenance

If you do not maintain your Yanmar YT235 tractor properly it will succumb to all of the problems listed in this article. Therefore, you should make it a habit of checking your engine and tractor before and after every use. You should also replenish oil and fuel when they are low. Also make it habit of taking your tractor to get serviced.

How To Avoid Yanmar YT235 Problems

The best way to avoid Yanmar YT235 problems is to regularly service and maintain the tractor. This helps to ensure that problems are identified earlier before they turn into something bigger. If you suspect that your Yanmar YT235 has a problem you should discontinue using it until the problem has been resolved. This is because if you use it whilst it has a problem you will actually worsen the situation.

How Much Does Yanmar YT235 Weigh?

The Yanmar YT235 weighs approximately 2558lbs. It also has a lift capacity of 1300lbs.

Is A Yanmar Tractor Any Good?

Yes a Yanmar tractor is very good. It comes with a strong engine and it is made using quality materials. If you are thinking of purchasing a tractor, you should definitely consider this brand.


The Yanmar YT235 Problems indicated in this article may seem overwhelming however, it is important to note that they can easily be resolved and they do not happen regularly. If you are thinking of buying a Yanmar YT235 tractor do not let this article discourage you from doing so.