Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti : Choose The Best One

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking to invest in a high-performance cooler then you may want a product that can keep your food and drinks cold for days on end, even in hot weather. Two models frequently come up in reviews and discussions; the Igloo IMX 70 and the Yeti Cooler. Both are highly rated, durable coolers with excellent ice retention, but there are some key differences to consider before purchasing either one. In this article we’ll compare the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti coolers head to head based on factors like construction, insulation, features and price to help determine which is the best choice for your needs. By the end, you’ll know which cooler reigns supreme in terms of performance and value. Without further adue, let’s get into it.

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Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti: Comparison Table


Igloo IMX 70 Yeti
Product Weight 32 lbs 29 lbs
Product Dimensions ‎32 × 21 × 19 Inches 31.1 × 17.6 × 16.8 Inches
Model Number 50293 10065020000
Manufacturer Igloo YETI
Color Gray White
User Type Unisex – Adult Unisex – Adult
Capacity 200 Gallons 150 Gallons
Size 70 Quart 65 Quart
Chamber Depth 27.3 Inches 10.5 Inches
Material Polyethylene Polyester
Insulation Ultratherm Insulation PermaFrost Insulation
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
Igloo IMX 70
Igloo IMX 7

The Key Features and Benefits of The Igloo IMX 70

The Igloo IMX 70 is a high-performance cooler that provides premium features at an affordable price. With 70 quarts of capacity, the Igloo IMX 70 offers ample space for food and drinks for a small group. Its rotomolded construction is highly durable and impact-resistant, protecting contents from outside elements.

  • Igloo’s Coldlock gasket and lid create an airtight seal, keeping cold air in and warm air out. This maximizes ice retention for up to 5 days in temperatures up to 90°F.
  • The Igloo IMX 70 is equipped with marine-grade stainless steel hardware and padded handles for convenient transport. Its threaded drain plug allows for easy draining and cleaning.
  • While more budget-friendly than comparable models, the Igloo IMX 70 does not compromise on performance or quality. For those seeking an affordable yet high-performance cooler, the Igloo IMX 70 warrants strong consideration. This it’s combination of value, functionality and durability make it a compelling choice for any outdoor enthusiast.

The Key Features and Benefits of The Yeti Tundra 65 Quart

The Yeti cooler is the gold standard for high-performance but also heavy-duty coolers. If you’re looking for a cooler that can keep ice frozen for days on end then the Yeti Cooler should be at the top of your list.

  • The Yeti features up to 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation in the walls and lid. This proprietary polyurethane foam provides unmatched ice retention.
  • The Yeti is made from rotationally-molded polyethylene, the same material used to make whitewater kayaks. It’s virtually indestructible and grizzly bear resistant.
  • The Yeti Cooler’s lid features a freezer-quality gasket that seals in cold air and keeps warm air out. This high-performance gasket contributes significantly to the Yeti’s superior ice retention.
  • The Yeti also includes special slots so you can securely tie it down to your boat, truck bed, or trailer. Your contents will stay cold even on bumpy rides.

Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti Tundra 65 Quart: Battle of The Coolers

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most important features from both the Igloo IMX 70 and the Yeti Cooler, it’s time to take a look at how they compare against one another in a battle of the most crucial factors that may affect your buying process and decision.

Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti: Good/ Great Ice Retention

When it comes to keeping ice frozen for extended periods, the Yeti cooler reigns supreme. Its PermaFrost insulation and ColdLock gasket help it retain ice up to 10 days. The Igloo IMX 70 can only keep ice up to 5 days. The Yeti’s thicker walls provide more insulation. At 3 inches thick, its PermaFrost polyurethane foam insulation offers far better protection from outside heat than the Igloo IMX 70’s 2-inch thick walls. The Yeti’s ColdLock gasket also creates an airtight seal, preventing warm air from entering and cold air from escaping. Both coolers have durable rotomolded construction, but the Yeti Cooler’s extra-thick build gives it a clear advantage for ice retention. Its superior craftsmanship and high-performance components allow it to outlast the Igloo IMX 70 when it comes to keeping contents chilled in hot weather. For camping trips longer than a few days or in extremely hot temperatures, the Yeti is the cooler that will keep your ice frozen the longest.

Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti: Durability

When it comes to durability, both the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti are extremely rugged and long-lasting. The Igloo IMX 70 features a rotomolded construction, meaning it’s made from a single piece of plastic that’s molded under intense heat and pressure. This creates an almost indestructible cooler body that’s highly impact-resistant. The Yeti Cooler also utilizes a rotomolded build and is renowned for its durability. According to Yeti, their cooler can keep ice for up to 10 days and is certified bear-resistant.

Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti: Construction

The Igloo IMX 70 has a heavy-duty stainless steel latch system and hinges, along with anti-skid feet to prevent sliding. Its lid gasket creates an airtight seal to lock in cold air. However these have given other users some issues when trying to access the contents within the cooler. Similarly, the Yeti Cooler has a ColdLock gasket, T-Rex lid latches and non-skid feet. Its hinges are made of aluminum. Overall, both coolers are extremely well-built and designed to take a beating.

Igloo IMX 70 vs Yeti: Which Cooler Is Right for You?

In the end choosing between the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti comes down to how much you’re willing to spend for the best performance and durability. The Igloo IMX 70 should work great for most casual use at a lower cost, but for serious, extended use, the Yeti is the cooler to beat.

Pros And Cons Of The Igloo IMX 70


  • The Igloo IMX 70 is designed to maximize ice retention. Its rotomolded construction and thick foam insulation allow it to keep ice for up to 10 days in 90°F weather.
  • The lid gasket and latch system create an airtight seal to prevent heat transfer. The Igloo IMX 70’s performance is comparable to high-end models like the Yeti for a lower cost.
  • The Igloo IMX 70 is built to last with a durable rotomolded construction that can withstand the elements. Its virtually indestructible design prevents dents, cracks, and rust. The stainless steel hardware is corrosion-resistant.
  • With proper care and maintenance, this cooler can provide many years of reliable use for camping, tailgating and other excursions.
  • The Igloo IMX 70 has a spacious 70-quart capacity able to hold up to 112 cans. Its square shape maximizes storage space and efficiency. The oversized drain plug allows for easy draining and cleaning.
  • For its performance and quality, the Igloo IMX 70 is very affordable. It provides an exceptional value compared to high-end models with similar specs. The IMX 70 delivers premium features and ice retention at a price that won’t break the budget.


  • The Igloo IMX 70 may be too large and heavy for some users at 32 lbs empty due to all of its insulation features.
  • The latch system can be difficult to open at times and it can be a nuisance for some users.
  • It only comes in gray which is cause to limiting color options.

Pros And Cons Of The Yeti Tundra 65


  • The Yeti’s rotomolded construction and PermaFrost insulation allow it to retain ice for up to 10 days.
  • Its thick walls and tight seal lock in cold and keep heat out. The Igloo IMX 70 can only keep ice for up to 5 days by comparison.
  • For long camping trips or times when ice is hard to come by, the Yeti’s unparalleled ice retention is a major benefit.
  • The Yeti Cooler is renowned for its durability. Its rotomolded build makes it essentially indestructible and grizzly-proof. The Igloo IMX 70 is still very durable, but may dent or scratch more easily. For outdoor adventures in rough conditions, the Yeti’s ruggedness provides peace of mind that it can handle almost anything.


  • A significant downside of the Yeti is its high price. With sizes starting around $375, it is a serious investment. The Igloo IMX 70 typically retails for $150 less. For budget-conscious buyers, the price difference may be hard to justify despite the Yeti’s advantages.
  • The Yeti Cooler’s white color may be off-putting for some users as it can become quite dirty especially if it is being used on camping trips, etcetera.

How To Keep or Extend The Shelf Life Of The Ice In Your Preferred Cooler

To help maximize ice life in either cooler (to help keep your stored goods fresh and ice cold for longer);

  • Start with block ice instead of loose ice cubes. Block ice has more mass, so it melts slower.
  • You can also add a layer of dry ice, which produces carbon dioxide gas that displaces oxygen, creating an insulating effect.
  • For the best results, pre-chill your cooler, contents, and ice for 24 hours before packing.
  • Keep the cooler out of direct sunlight and open it only when necessary.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About The Igloo IMX 70 And The Yeti Tundra 65

How Durable And Long-lasting Are The Coolers?

Both the Igloo IMX 70 and the Yeti are high-performance coolers designed to last for many years. The Igloo IMX 70 is made of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic and has a 5-year limited warranty. The Yeti features a rotomolded construction and a 5-year warranty. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect either cooler to function well for 10-15 years or more.

Are The Coolers Bear-resistant?

The Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti coolers are certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The heavy-duty, rugged designs and reinforced locks make these coolers difficult for bears to break into. For the best protection in bear country, choose a larger size like the 70-quart or 75-quart models which have more robust locking systems. Always properly secure the locks when the cooler is unattended.

Can The Coolers Float?

While the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti are very durable, neither model is designed to float. The heavy-duty constructions and insulation prevent them from being buoyant. Do not use these coolers in situations where floating ability is required or there is a risk of the cooler ending up in deep water. For floating coolers then you would need to look for models specifically designed for marine use.

Are Accessories Available?

Yes, many useful accessories are available for the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti coolers like basket inserts, divider panels, seat cushions, and more. Yeti also offers accessories like bottle openers, dry goods baskets, and anchor kits. Check with the manufacturers’ websites to view all available accessories and how they can enhance your cooler’s functionality. Some third-party accessories may also be compatible with these coolers.


As you can see both the Igloo IMX 70 and Yeti coolers are high-performance coolers that will keep your food and drinks cold for days. While the Yeti Cooler may have a slight edge in ice retention, the Igloo IMX 70 is more durable and versatile. For most people, either cooler would make an excellent choice for camping, tailgating, or other outdoor adventures. In the end, you need to weigh the factors that are most important to you like price, size, durability, and ice life to determine which cooler is the best fit for your needs. With top-of-the-line performance and quality, you really can’t go wrong with either the Igloo IMX 70 or the Yeti. The choice is then left to you and you alone.

Igloo IMX 70
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