214+ Cool & Best Cornish House Names

Cornwall, a region known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, holds a unique tradition that adds a touch of personality and charm to its countryside: house names. Embedded in the fabric of Cornwall’s cultural heritage, house names serve as more than mere addresses; they reflect the deep connection between the people and the land they inhabit. From quaint cottages to grand manors, each house name tells a story, evoking images of nature, history, local landmarks, and family legacies. In this article, we will explore the captivating world of Cornish house names, shedding light on their historical roots, traditional themes, regional variations, and the evolving trends that shape them today. Join us as we delve into the enchanting realm of Cornish house names, where homes are given names that transcend brick and mortar, breathing life into the very essence of Cornwall’s identity.

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Unique Cornish House Names

  • Bodmin Retreat – Inspired by the historic town of Bodmin, this house name signifies a peaceful and secluded place for relaxation and solace.
  • Carnelian Cottage – Named after the beautiful semi-precious stone, this house exudes a sense of warmth and vibrant energy.
  • Lizard’s Haven – Reflecting the coastal charm of the Lizard Peninsula, this house name evokes images of a serene and sheltered sanctuary.
  • Wheal Rose Cottage – Pays tribute to the mining heritage of Cornwall, with “Wheal” referring to a mine and “Rose” symbolizing beauty and grace.
  • Nansidwell Manor – Combining the Cornish word “Nan” meaning valley with “Sidwell,” a reference to St. Sidwell, this house name represents a grand manor nestled in a picturesque valley.
  • Mermaid’s Rest
  • Meadowview Cottage
  • Penhale House
  • Cliffside Retreat
  • Trebarwith Terrace
  • Woodland Lodge
  • Porthminster Villa
  • Polperro Cottage
  • Stargazer’s Retreat
  • Trelawny Manor
  • Seaview Bungalow
  • Tamarisk House
  • Moonstone Cottage
  • Castle Keep
  • Lamorna Hideaway
  • Willowbrook Cottage
  • Seashell Retreat
  • Bluebell Cottage
  • Pendennis Villa
  • Carbis Bay Manor
  • Mulberry House
  • Tintagel View
  • Skylark Cottage
  • Marazion Retreat
  • Trevelyan Farmstead

Historical Background

The tradition of naming houses in Cornwall dates back centuries and is deeply rooted in the region’s history. Influenced by Celtic and Cornish language, house naming practices have evolved alongside social and cultural changes over time. Initially, house names served a practical purpose, helping to identify individual dwellings in close-knit communities where numbering systems were absent or unreliable. Moreover, the use of house names became especially prevalent during the era when many inhabitants of Cornwall were involved in agricultural activities and relied heavily on the land for their livelihoods.

Beyond their practicality, house names in Cornwall also reflect the region’s historical and social contexts. They often incorporate elements of the local landscape, celebrating the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Additionally, house names may pay homage to significant historical events, such as battles or notable figures from Cornwall’s past. Over the centuries, house naming traditions have become intertwined with Cornwall’s distinct identity, embodying the spirit and heritage of the land and its people.

Cool Cornish House Names

  • Avalon Cottage – Inspired by the mythical island of Avalon, this house name conjures a sense of enchantment and tranquility.
  • Driftwood Manor – Evoking the image of weathered wood washed ashore, this name represents a grand and elegant coastal residence.
  • Golden Meadows – Symbolizing abundance and natural beauty, this house name paints a picture of lush fields and golden landscapes.
  • Seraphina House – Derived from the name Seraph, meaning angelic, this name carries an air of grace, elegance, and ethereal charm.
  • Silvermoon Lodge – Conjuring visions of moonlit nights and celestial beauty, this house name captures a sense of mystical allure.
  • Atlantic View
  • Starling Cottage
  • Whispering Pines
  • Sunflower Retreat
  • Pebble Beach House
  • Willowmere Manor
  • Azure Sands
  • Ivywood Cottage
  • Solstice Villa
  • Cliffhanger House
  • Wildflower Haven
  • Sunburst Cottage
  • Seaview Hideaway
  • Twilight Manor
  • Thistlewood Cottage
  • Sea Breeze Retreat
  • Misty Hollow
  • Cedarwood Lodge
  • Stargazer’s Den
  • Coastal Dream
  • Rosemary Cottage
  • Ashgrove Manor
  • Saltwater Sanctuary
  • Dragonfly Cottage
  • Sunstone Retreat

Traditional House Names

Traditional house names in Cornwall exhibit a wide range of themes and motifs, reflecting the diverse inspirations that have shaped the region’s cultural fabric. Many house names draw upon the natural world, capturing the beauty of Cornwall’s landscapes and seascapes. Names like “Sea View” and “Rose Cottage” evoke images of coastal vistas and blooming gardens, while “Hillside Manor” and “River’s Edge” pay tribute to the rolling hills and meandering waterways that characterize the region.

In addition to nature-inspired names, traditional Cornish house names often incorporate historical or cultural references. “Tintagel House” nods to the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, connecting the dwelling to Cornwall’s mythical past. Similarly, “Poldark Cottage” pays homage to the popular historical fiction series set in Cornwall, invoking a sense of nostalgia and literary heritage. Furthermore, house names can be derived from local landmarks or geography, such as “Hawthorn Lodge” nestled near a prominent hawthorn tree or “Quay Cottage” located near a bustling harbor. Finally, some house names reflect family names or occupations, like “Carpenter’s Rest” or “Smithy Cottage,” preserving the memory of ancestral trades and kinship ties within the community. Traditional house names in Cornwall are a tapestry of history, nature, and personal connections, encapsulating the essence of the region’s unique cultural heritage.

Traditional Cornish House Names

  • Trelawney Cottage – Named after the prominent Cornish surname, this house name signifies a connection to ancestral roots and a sense of familial heritage.
  • Polwhele House – Combining the Cornish words “Pol” meaning pool and “Whele” meaning settlement, this name references a house situated near a small body of water.
  • Trewithian Manor – Derived from the Cornish words “Tre” meaning homestead and “Withian” meaning willow tree, this name represents a grand residence nestled near willow trees.
  • Carnmarth Cottage – Blending the Cornish words “Carn” meaning rock and “Marth” meaning summit, this house name suggests a cottage perched upon a rocky hilltop.
  • Rosevear Farmstead – “Rosevear” translates to “big rose” in Cornish, invoking images of a farmstead adorned with blooming roses.
  • Wheal Coates Cottage
  • Trebarwith Terrace
  • Boscastle Manor
  • Lizard’s End
  • St. Agnes House
  • Polgooth Cottage
  • Penryn Lodge
  • Trenoweth Farmstead
  • Coverack Cottage
  • Zennor Retreat
  • Boscawen Hall
  • Trevithick Cottage
  • Mylor House
  • Men-an-Tol Cottage
  • St. Cleer Manor
  • Morwenstow Lodge
  • Cadgwith Cottage
  • Penberth Villa
  • Perranporth Hideaway
  • Constantine Manor
  • Porthcurno Cottage
  • Polperro Retreat
  • Lamorna Lodge
  • St. Mawes House
  • Polzeath Cottage

Regional Variations in House Names

While house naming traditions are prevalent throughout Cornwall, there are intriguing regional variations that add further depth to this cultural practice. Different areas within Cornwall exhibit distinctive influences in their choice of house names, reflecting the local dialects, regional identities, and historical context specific to each location.

For instance, in the coastal villages of West Cornwall, house names often reflect the area’s strong connection to the sea. Names like “Seagull’s Rest” or “Fisherman’s Haven” pay tribute to the maritime heritage and fishing traditions that have shaped the communities. On the other hand, in the rural landscapes of East Cornwall, house names might be inspired by the agricultural heritage of the region. Names such as “Haystack Cottage” or “Farmstead Manor” reflect the historical significance of farming and rural life in these areas.

Moreover, there are notable variations in house naming traditions between the northern and southern parts of Cornwall. In the north, house names may be influenced by the mining heritage of the region, with names like “Miner’s Retreat” or “Tin Mine House” referencing the once-thriving mining industry. In contrast, the southern part of Cornwall, with its picturesque coastal towns and villages, often embraces names that evoke a sense of tranquility and coastal charm, such as “Harbor View” or “Seaside Cottage.” These regional variations in house names not only showcase the diverse landscapes and histories of Cornwall but also contribute to the unique character of each locality.

Best Cornish House Names

  • Enys Haven – Enys is the Cornish word for “island,” and this name suggests a tranquil and secluded haven, perhaps situated near a body of water.
  • Trevarno Manor – Combining the Cornish words “Tre” meaning homestead and “Var” meaning hill, this name represents a grand manor nestled on a scenic hillside.
  • Pendower Cottage – Derived from the Cornish words “Pen” meaning headland and “Dower” meaning water, this name evokes images of a cottage overlooking the sea.
  • Bosavern Hideaway – Inspired by the Cornish word “Bos” meaning dwelling and “Avern” meaning river, this name signifies a hidden retreat near a river.
  • Treleaver Cottage – Combining the Cornish words “Tre” meaning homestead and “Leaver” meaning ancient stone, this name conjures a sense of history and charm.
  • Carnhell Green House
  • Perranuthnoe Retreat
  • Lamorran Lodge
  • Gwennap Manor
  • Polzeath Hideaway
  • Mylor Cottage
  • Marazion Haven
  • Trenance Villa
  • St. Winnow Cottage
  • Mawgan Porth Retreat
  • Constantine Manor
  • Polruan House
  • Zennor View
  • Porthcawl Cottage
  • Pendeen Lodge
  • Godrevy Cottage
  • Port Isaac Retreat
  • Carleen Manor
  • Trevellas Cottage
  • Kynance Villa
  • Coverack Hideaway
  • Nansloe Cottage
  • Boslow House
  • Maenporth Manor
  • Trethellan Farmstead

Modern House Naming Trends

In recent years, there has been a shift in house naming trends in Cornwall, influenced by contemporary tastes and evolving cultural influences. While traditional themes still hold sway, modern house names often exhibit a creative and eclectic approach, embracing a wider range of inspirations.

One notable trend is the influence of popular culture and media on modern house names. With Cornwall becoming a sought-after filming location for television shows and movies, names like “Doc Martin’s Cottage” or “Poldark Retreat” have emerged, appealing to fans of these beloved productions. This trend not only reflects the impact of media on popular culture but also serves as a form of homage to the local areas associated with these productions.

Additionally, modern house naming trends in Cornwall include a more personalized and imaginative approach. Homeowners are increasingly opting for unique, whimsical, or symbolic names that reflect their own tastes, interests, or aspirations. These names may draw inspiration from literature, mythology, or personal experiences, resulting in names like “Moonshadow Manor,” “Serenity Cottage,” or “Dreamscape Retreat.” Such creative and individualized house names contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of Cornwall’s architectural landscape, showcasing the unique personalities and aspirations of its residents.

Good Cornish Cottage Names

  • Sea Spray Cottage – This name evokes images of the ocean’s mist and the refreshing sea breeze, perfect for a coastal retreat.
  • Ivy Cottage – Reflecting the charm of lush green ivy climbing the walls, this name suggests a cozy and picturesque cottage nestled amidst nature.
  • Meadowbrook Cottage – Conjuring images of idyllic meadows and babbling brooks, this name signifies a cottage surrounded by serene natural beauty.
  • Foxglove Cottage – Inspired by the elegant and vibrant foxglove flowers, this name represents a cottage adorned with nature’s own artwork.
  • Willow Cottage – Symbolizing grace and flexibility, the name “Willow Cottage” conjures images of a quaint and peaceful dwelling near a willow tree.
  • Rosemary Cottage
  • Woodside Cottage
  • Lavender Retreat
  • Sunflower Cottage
  • Thatched Haven
  • Fernwood Cottage
  • Bramblewood Cottage
  • Honeybee Cottage
  • Primrose Retreat
  • Meadowview Cottage
  • Bluebell Cottage
  • Apple Blossom Cottage
  • Wisteria Cottage
  • Honeysuckle Hideaway
  • Buttercup Cottage
  • Cloverdale Cottage
  • Jasmine Retreat
  • Dahlia Cottage
  • Poppyseed Cottage
  • Chestnut Lodge
  • Hyacinth Cottage
  • Mulberry Cottage
  • Acorn Hollow
  • Elderflower Cottage
  • Hollyhock Retreat

Cultural and Community Significance

House names in Cornwall hold deep cultural and community significance, playing a vital role in fostering a sense of belonging, identity, and connection among residents. They serve as a tangible link to the region’s history, preserving local heritage and traditions. House names embody the stories, values, and shared experiences of the community, creating a sense of continuity and rootedness in Cornwall’s cultural tapestry.

Beyond individual households, house names also contribute to the larger community fabric. They serve as landmarks and conversation starters, helping to create a sense of place and community identity. House names often become part of local lore, shared anecdotes, and even tourist attractions, inviting visitors to explore the unique character of each area. This cultural significance extends to the tourism industry in Cornwall, where visitors are intrigued by the charm and character of houses with evocative names, immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Ultimately, house names in Cornwall are much more than mere labels; they embody a shared sense of pride, belonging, and community spirit. They contribute to the preservation and celebration of Cornwall’s distinct identity, ensuring that its cultural heritage remains alive and cherished for generations to come.

Funny Cornish House Names

  • Puddle Cottage – This playful name humorously suggests a house that may have a tendency to collect water during rainy days.
  • Wonky Manor – With a whimsical touch, this name embraces the charm of a slightly askew but endearing manor.
  • Quack Haven – This lighthearted name brings a smile, as it humorously implies a refuge for ducks or a house with a particularly talkative owner.
  • Lofty Loo – A humorous twist on a bathroom, this name adds a touch of whimsy to a mundane space.
  • Nutty Nook – This amusing name conjures images of a small, quirky abode filled with eccentricities and delightful oddities.
  • Wobblewood Cottage
  • Chuckle Cabin
  • Clumsy Court
  • Giggle Glen
  • Silly Goose House
  • Quirky Quarters
  • Laughing Lodge
  • Dizzy Den
  • Whimsy Way
  • Jolly Junction
  • Wiggle Wigwam
  • Playful Palace
  • Giggly Grange
  • Chucklesome Cottage
  • Quibble Quay
  • Wacky Woodland
  • Goofy Grotto
  • Snicker Snug
  • Mirthful Manor
  • Giddy Grove
  • Whoopee Willow
  • Chortle Chalet
  • Chuckling Chimney
  • Zany Zephyr
  • Jokester Junction

Creative Cornish House Names

  • Enchanted Echoes – This name suggests a house where whispers and echoes of the past weave a magical atmosphere.
  • Luminary Lodge – Evoking images of soft, glowing lights, this name represents a house that shines with warmth and brilliance.
  • Celestial Haven – Inspired by the celestial realms, this name alludes to a house that offers a serene and heavenly retreat.
  • Whimsical Wanderlust – This name captures a sense of adventure and curiosity, hinting at a house where imagination and exploration thrive.
  • Serendipity Sanctuary – Reflecting the joy of unexpected discoveries and happy accidents, this name symbolizes a place of serendipitous charm and tranquility.
  • Misty Moonlight
  • Solstice Sanctuary
  • Harmonious Haven
  • Cascade Cottage
  • Mystique Manor
  • Twilight Retreat
  • Ethereal Eden
  • Kaleidoscope Cottage
  • Whispering Winds
  • Enigma Estate
  • Melody Mansion
  • Secret Garden Cottage
  • Vivid Vista
  • Dreamweaver Den
  • Enchanting Escapade
  • Starry Skies Cottage
  • Wanderlust Way
  • Harmony Hideaway
  • Aurora Cottage
  • Fanciful Fortress
  • Whirlwind Retreat
  • Blissful Bliss
  • Enigmatic Elysium
  • Renaissance Residence
  • Symphony House


In conclusion, Cornish house names represent a captivating tradition that intertwines history, nature, and personal connections. These names serve as a testament to Cornwall’s unique cultural heritage, reflecting the region’s landscapes, historical events, and local identities. From traditional names rooted in the past to modern trends influenced by popular culture, house names in Cornwall continue to evolve while retaining their cultural and community significance. As we celebrate and preserve this cherished tradition, let us recognize the power of house names in fostering a sense of belonging, preserving local history, and shaping the collective identity of Cornwall. Through their enchanting stories and evocative meanings, Cornish house names breathe life into the homes and the very spirit of Cornwall itself.