Cows Have Blue Eyes

Can Cows Have Blue Eyes?

The rapid increase in cattle rearing has led to much focus on cows and their overall well-being. This includes every aspect of the animal including the colour of their eyes. The answer to the question regarding the eye colour of cows is often dark. However, in extremely rare cases, cows can have blue eyes. Due […]

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Cows See in The Dark

Can Cows See in The Dark?

Most animal species have some form of superior vision that allows them to see in the dark. Similarly, cows can see in the dark as well. This allows them to efficiently manoeuvre and survive in varied environments. Experts in livestock farming point out that it is important for farmers to understand all aspects of livestock

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Sheep Eat Kale

Can Sheep Eat Kale?

Nutrition is of the utmost importance in livestock keeping. Similar to humans, the production, health and the overall well-being of sheep is largely determined by the type of feed provided. For this reason, nutrition management is an essential aspect of breeding sheep. The need for a skilful feeding system has become even more pronounced due

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Tilapia Fish Farming in Tanks

Tilapia Fish Farming in Tanks

Tilapia are regarded as ‘aquatic chicken’ due to their popularity in the agricultural community. Tilapia farming has increased significantly over the past years to an extent they are now domesticated though the use of tanks. The upside of farming tilapia is that they are generally hardy and can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions.

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What Not To Feed Cows

What Not To Feed Cows

There are a variety of plants which contain or accumulate chemicals that are poisonous to cows. The results often include mild symptoms that can easily be managed such as irritations and slightly lowered animal productivity. In some cases, severe symptoms can be experienced whereby cows are in great distress leading to death. An important point

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Sheep Eat Dog Food

Can Sheep Eat Dog Food?

Sheep are ruminant species that can feed on variety of feedstuff. They have been known to eat food that is primarily meant for humans and other animals such as dogs. As a matter of fact, sheep can eat dog food and are said to find it highly palatable. A number of farmers have reported cases

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Sheep Eat Eggs

Can Sheep Eat Eggs?

Protein is of the utmost importance in the diet of livestock. It is the standard against which all feed supplements are measured. Due to its importance in achieving high production levels, it is the most expensive type of livestock feed. As a matter of fact, it is expected to increase even further within the next

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Sheep Eat Fruits

Can Sheep Eat Fruits?

Fruits are said to be among the most nutritious foods. They consist of nutrients and minerals required by animals and humans alike. For this reason, sheep can eat fruits. As a matter of fact, fruits have been proven to be an ideal supplement for livestock, especially during dry seasons when forage quality is low. Fruits

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Sheep Eat Hay

Can Sheep Eat Hay?

Sheep dietary plans normally consist of pastures. The challenge faced by farmers is that good pasture diets are difficult to maintain, especially during dry seasons. It is therefore a common practise to supplement pasture based dietary plans with hay. Since the digestive system of ruminants is naturally designed for pasture based diets, sheep can eat

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Sheep Eat Horse Feed

Can Sheep Eat Horse Feed?

Livestock keeping has grown tremendously over the years leading to a sharp increase in the cost of feed. This challenge has been exacerbated by climate change with most areas receiving less rainfall, hence low quality forage. Even in areas receiving substantial amounts of rainfall, forage availability is a major problem during the dry season. Farmers

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