Cows on 10 Acres

How Many Cows on 10 Acres?

The practise of assigning units of lands for specific periods of time is referred to as stocking rate. It is considered as the most important management decision in animal farming. Stocking density plays a critical role in optimising forage performance and maintaining animal outcome while ensuring excellent health and production of livestock. Farmers must therefore …

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Pigs Eat Bananas

Can Pigs Eat Bananas?

The ever growing agricultural industry puts a strain on feed resources. Consequentially, livestock feed costs have skyrocketed to a point where some farmers are unable to provide animals with a constant supply of good quality feed. Studies indicate that livestock feed prices are expected to double over the next few years. As such, there is …

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Ringwomb in Sheep

Ringwomb in Sheep

Pregnant ewes can sometimes experience complications during the labour process. When not recognised and handled timeously, these may cause great harm to both the ewe and the lamb. The normal lambing process involves the cervix of the ewe being fully dilated through a series of contracting and relaxing muscles of the uterine against the cervix …

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