Who Buys Broken Refrigerators Near Me

Who Buys Broken Refrigerators

Selling broken refrigerator is a profitable business considering it’s a recyclable appliance. If you are looking for extra income you can consider selling broken refrigerators to people near you. Below is a list of some of the most popular stores were you can sell your broken refrigerator.

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Who buys broken refrigerators near me?

Local appliance store– the first place where you can sell your broken refrigerator is at your local appliance store. There is a good chance that they will buy it for a decent amount of money.

Craigslist– this is also an online store where you can sell your broken refrigerator to potential buyers near you.

Facebook marketplace– there are a number of people on Facebook market place who are willing to buy broken refrigerators so you can always place an advert there.

Best Buy– they are willing to buy your broken refrigerator for a reasonable price.  If you are purchasing a new refrigerator from them, they are actually willing to transport the old one free of charge.

LetGo– this is also an online store where you can sell your broken refrigerator. You will definitely be surprised by the amount of people who are willing to buy a broken refrigerator.

5Miles– this application enables you to sell your broken refrigerator to people within 5 miles of your current location.

VarageSale– this is a virtual store where you can sell your broken refrigerators for a good price.

Depop– this is one of the best places where you can sell your broken refrigerator, this is because it is an image based marketplace where you can show potential buyers the condition of your broken refrigerator.

Shpock– this is an online store where you can sell your broken refrigerator for a decent amount of money.

eBay– here you can sell your broken refrigerator for a reasonable price. There a lot of people who use ebay so there is a good chance that you will find customers easily.

Scrap metal recyclers– this is a good place to sell your broken refrigerator. They will use the metal from the refrigerator for other purposes and in turn you get a decent amount of money.

Local power company– contact your local company, they usually agree to buy broken refrigerators.

Yard sale– you can do your own yard sale and advertise your broken refrigerator to potential customers. There is a chance that someone would want to buy it.

Local magazine– if there is a local magazine in your area, you can always place an ad about your broken refrigerator. There is a chance that someone might be interested in purchasing it.

Steps to follow when selling a broken refrigerator online

Research on prices for broken refrigerators near you

Before you can start selling your broken refrigerator, you need to be sure of its value. You wouldn’t want to under value or over price your refrigerator, which is why researching is important. When researching you can simply search for the information online.

Take pictures of your broken refrigerator

Potential buyers on the internet are interested in seeing the condition of the item before they can approach you, so it’s important that you take good pictures. Make sure you take quality pictures of the front as well as the back of the refrigerator. Avoid using pictures from the internet as this can mislead your customers and they will definitely desist buying from you in the future.

Find a good caption for your broken refrigerator

Before posting you advert online, you need to come up with a good caption for your advert. This is because it’s the first thing that will grab the attention of potential buyers. Adding flowery language can be a good thing however, indicate the true status of your refrigerator, meaning you should tell potential buyers that it is a broken refrigerator. Lying about the condition of your refrigerator is not a good thing because you waste people’s time and you will also lose their trust.

Include a detailed description of the broken refrigerator

After writing your caption you can then include a brief description of the product specifications. This will help customers to understand the name of the broken refrigerator, how long it has been functioning and also it gives customers an insight of what they are about to purchase.

State price and payment method

Include the price of the broken refrigerator. This will help potential buyers to see if it’s within their budget. Furthermore, specify if you will need the payment on delivery or before delivery.

Contact details

The other thing you should not forget is to add your contact details. Include your phone number and email address. This will help to ensure that customers contact you if they are interested in the product.

State your location

Stating your location is very essential considering you want to attract customers near you. So if you are in Texas indicate those details because it costly for someone to ship a broken refrigerator from Texas all the way to Los Angeles.  Including your location in the advert is very good so that you can instantly attract customers in your area.

Include delivery details

Notify the customers whether you are offering free delivery or pick up services. This will help them to analyse if they need to incur additional charges once they buy the broken refrigerator.

Schedule an appointment

If you would like potential buyers to visit your homestead and see the broken refrigerators then simply state the times you will be available. For example, if you are available between 1pm to 5pm please specify on the advert so that customers are aware.

Can refrigerators be recycled?

Yes refrigerators can be recycled. There are actually a few companies that do this free of charge for example the Salvation Army. You can just donate your broken refrigerator and they will change it into something incredible.


Selling broken refrigerators is a good way to make extra money. If you have a lot of refrigerators stored in your garage, consider taking them to any of the stores listed above.