What To Do If Someone Dings Your Car?

What To Do If Someone Dings Your Car

Although dinging your car would cause little to no damage, it should still be treated like any other car accident. This is not a fun experience however, therefore you should be equipped with adequate knowledge on what to do exactly in such a frustrating and energy draining situation. This experience is not only limited to a car in motion, sometimes your car can be properly parked in a parking lot and then someone comes along and dings it with theirs. That little ding can feel like a forceful collision to you if you just so happen to be in the car. So the question then becomes what do you do when someone dings your car? Here are some answers to that question.

1. Do Not Move Your Car Or Leave The Scene

If someone dings your car whilst it is stationary, leave it there and do not move it. If there’s any people around the vicinity ask them if they saw what happened (provided nobody is around to own up to their mistake.) But just make sure to stick around for a little while longer than you would like. If your car is dinged whilst you are moving, turn your hazard lights on and find a place you can safely park to evaluate the situation. If you feel something fall off your car after it has been hit, turn on the hazard lights and then apply the brakes to slowly come to a hault. Other drivers on the road know to stop or proceed in caution on the lane when they see a vehicle with flashing hazard lights.

2. Locate (Or At Least Try) The Person Who Dinged Your Car

Some people will have the integrity to wait on the person who’s car they hit or at least leave their contact information on the car’s windshield (given that the car was dinged whilst it was stationary.) However this is not always the case, some people tend to flee the scene even if the damage is major. The chances of finding the person who hit your car are quite slim if they had already left the scene, but you can ask any surrounding pedestrians if they saw anything. You may also look around for any CCTV footage to then get a description of what the person who dinged your car looked like.

3. Take Pictures And Call 911

When you take pictures you are documenting an accident and any damage your car may have sustained because of the ding. You can even go as far as to take videos whilst explaining what happened. You will need this documented evidence to send to your car insurance (assuring you’ve got it.) After which you can call the authorities to file a police report, which your car insurer will need. However if neither you nor the person who dinged your car has insurance you can still call 911, this is to make sure that nothing bad happened or will happen because of the accident. They can also provide medical assistance to anyone who might have been injured.

4. Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company

This is necessary so that you can file a claim with from your insurer, or the person who dinged your car may be willing to claim from their insurer on your car’s behalf. But this should only be applicable if the damage is visibly bad, otherwise you are just wasting time and your insurance claims of the year. If the person who hits your car leaves a note with their insurer’s contact information on your windshield then you can contact their insurance company yourself to file a claim for damage (usually just paint job damage) on your car even if you are not insured yourself.

5. More Information If Someone Dings Your Car

The above solutions are best for when your car is parked (even though some also cater to when you’re driving/moving on the road.) Here are more things you can do if someone dings your car whilst you are driving, (which can be quite dangerous as it can cause the driver (you) to lose control of the steering wheel and start swerving on the lane, which can ultimately lead you to hitting other cars on the road and causing serious and deadly accidents.)

First Aid

Make sure that you and all your passengers have not sustained any injuries. If either of you feel dizzy or disoriented as a result of the ding you should call 911.


Drive your car off the road, provided you had stopped when your car was hit. This is to ensure that traffic does not build up or there isn’t any blocking happening on the traffic lanes whilst you discuss the matter with the other driver. You would also be preserving the safety of the drivers on the road.

Call 911

Call the police and describe every single possible detail of the accident. The police will then decide if the matter is worth coming for or not. But as stated in the introduction, a ding to a car does little to no damage externally or internally. However the authorities will collect all the necessary information from you and the other driver as well as any other witnesses which were definitely there and may have saw the incident in greater detail than the people involved.

  • The rest of the steps on this list are the same as when somebody dings your car whilst it is parked.


It is always advisable to involve a third party like the police and never try solve the problems of an accident like this one on your own. This creates a certain level of accountability for everyone involved such that the other driver is obligated to own up to their mistake and take all the necessary steps to rectifying it. However it may also have been your mistake, in which case you should own up and admit you did wrong. You may very well save yourself from quite a lot of unneeded drama. If someone dings your car and flees the scene however leaving you no contact information on your car at all. You may as well just have to spend your own money paying for the necessary repairs.