What To Do If Someone Claims You Hit Their Car?

What To Do If Someone Claims You Hit Their Car

It is very common for someone to claim you hit their car, more common than you would initially think. It may be that you hit their car without knowing or you obviously didn’t and they’re just trying to get a rise out of you. You may have blindspots on the mirrors of your car, which can make you directly back up into another person’s car. Sometimes it’s visibly true and sometimes it visibly isn’t but what do you do when somebody claims that you hit their car? Well the first thing would be to check to see if it is true. Sometimes it may just be a slight bump whereby no real damage is done to either of the cars or whether you hit the car with some object. Let’s find out more.

1. Stay Calm And Get Medical Assistance (If Needed.)

Although some of these incidents may be minor, they can lead to major external and internal injuries as results of the collision or hit that makes the car and everyone inside it jerk aggressively. First make sure that you are not hurt and then check on the other person to make sure that they’re all not hurt. Keep a calm demeanor no matter how rude or condescending the other person may be coming at you, this will surely deescalate the situation. If any of you (in the car or otherwise) is hurt, even if it is just minor scratches or cuts, call 911. They will help provide medical assistance to anybody in this condition.

Do not simply speed off or run away, this will surely make you look guilty even if you are not. That is why you need to stay calm so you do not make irrational or panicked decisions that will make you look guilty. It is important to note that although this isn’t always the case, the driver of the car is at fault most of the time. The car may be parked illegally and so when driving and so when driving by with your own, you hit it. That is why you always need to be very alert when you’re on the road (whilst driving) because somebody else’s mistake may be dangerous or even deadly to you.

2. Gather Some Evidence

You can gather evidence like testimonials from nearby witnesses and/or video evidence from nearby security cameras which may seem a little drastic but it would help to take the next step in solving the issue. Mainly it is to help find out whether it was you indeed who hit the other person’s car, or whether it was them who made the wrong call and bumped into you. The other party or person may just want to get a claim from your motor insurance company. A claim includes a full repair and servicing from the insurance company as a result, which will be taken from your account.

3. Get A Legal Attorney

In such a dilemma, this is one of the most important things you can do. A legal attorney will be able to adequately consult you on what to do next if somebody is claiming that you hit their car. Just be sure to include every single detail you can recall from the incident and whether or not you are responsible. Since you will be protected under attorney-client privilege, the attorney can then come up with the best possible solution for you. The attorney is under your retainer so they’re obligated to come up with a solution and whether you win or lose (provided the matter goes to court or your insurance ends up paying for stranger’s claim) you can rest assured knowing the attorney did their job.

4. Report The Accident

First report the accident to the authorities and then to your insurance company. Sometimes the other person may simply want you to accept responsibility and then the matter will dissolve because the accident wouldn’t be as big or as serious but in cases where the situation may be escalating you need to get law enforcement and your insurance company to do some deeper or further investigations into the matter. If it is your fault and the issue is not reported to your insurance company they can legally refuse to pay out the claim by the other person, such that the money for repairs has to come out of your own pockets.

5. More Helpful Information

  • Contact your insurance company and law enforcement authorities in a matter of 24 hours or immediately if it is possible.
  • Some insurance companies can pay for the repairs of the person claiming you hit their car even if they do not have insurance.
  • As mentioned before look for witnesses, there are always bystanders or pedestrians that may have seen exactly what happened if neither you nor the person claiming you hit their car thinks they’re wrong. Bystanders can offer an unsolicited and unbiased opinion so you can be sure that they’ll give an honest outlook.
  • An attorney can also help you seek fair compensation on your behalf, if it just so happens that the other person is wrong and your car was damaged.


So someone is claiming that you hit their car, what do you do in such a heated situation? Well you stay calm and you follow all the steps listed above. And depending on your exact situation, you can start with the step you feel would aid the situation the most. That is do not immediately call the police or 911 (given nobody is injured). First talk through the situation and what exactly happened with the other driver and why they are claiming that, if they are making logical sense and the matter is confirmed by more than two bystanders, then you most probably are in the wrong and so you need to own up and provide your car insurance information or pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. It doesn’t matter if the person is claiming you hit their car with an object like a shopping cart or whilst you were on a motorcycle, the same steps can be followed for the best possible outcome.