Neighbor’s Dog Attacked My Dog On My Property

Neighbor's Dog Attacked My Dog On My Property

So you’re on your property playing with your dog and for some reason your neighbor’s dog comes charging across your property and suddenly attacks your dog. This is not uncommon, because some dogs often attack other dogs. It is to show a level of dominance over the other dog. But what can you as the owner of the attacked dog do? Do you interfere and try to save your dog from the attack? Do you call the police? Let’s find out.

Call Animal Control And The Authorities

Your neighbor may not appreciate this very much but it is for the best, if your neighbor’s dog made it all the way into your property it can mean a lot of things but two of those things are that the dog was let loose and free to roam or the dog does not know its boundaries which makes it potentially dangerous not just to other dogs in the area but the people as well. Your neighbor may have just been walking by your property and their dog (feeling threatened when it saw your dog) immediately got loose from your neighbor’s grip and charged towards your dog to attack it. If your dog is seriously injured, your neighbor’s dog could be deemed very dangerous and then it will be taken by animal control.

  • If your neighbor manages to calm their dog down before your dog gets hurt then there’s no need to involve animal control or the police because as stated before these things happen.
  • But if it just so happens that your neighbor cannot get a hold of his dog, contact the authorities or animal control immediately, they may the only ones who can stop the attack.
  • Do not get into a dog on dog attack to try and stop it, you get yourself seriously injured. The dog may start attacking you, and you may sustain worse injuries than your dog would have.
  • The police will be involved because there has to be a record of the event so that the case is presented before your neighbor. If the police or animal control request a dangerous dog hearing and the neighbor’s dog is declared to be aggressive by a judge, your neighbor then has to follow very strict procedures and buy insurance for the dog in order to keep it. Otherwise if they fail to comply, their dog will be euthanized (intentionally and painlessly killing.) The police will then seek out a public record from the neighborhood of how your neighbor’s dog behaves in general. If it happens to always be aggressive towards other dogs, it may be unsafe to keep it around. This is where animal control may come in, but in such a case euthanasia would be seen as the best option.

Take Your Dog To The Vet

If your dog cannot stand on all four legs after the attack it would be best to take it to the vet immediately after your neighbor’s dog calms down. The vet is the best place for your dog to get some medical car and possibly surgery if it just so happens that the injuries are severe. But if your dog does not come off from the attack with any injuries then it would be best to do the following step first and then you may take your dog to the vet for a check up. Do not neglect going to the vet even if your dog appears to be alright, it was attacked after all and that is never a good thing.

Take Pictures Of Your Dog’s Injuries

Hopefully the authorities will have arrived before anything bad or worse happens. You may then take pictures of your dog’s injuries, which will look way worse after the attack. Especially if your dog is still bleeding, take pictures, this is to prove the severity of the attack if the matter reaches authorities. This can help a lot if the matter happens to get to court. You will also have to take a picture of your neighbor’s dog to prove that it was indeed it that attacked your dog on your property. Your neighbor may deny the claims (if you do not have this type of evidence) that their dog was even present when the attack happened, so it is very important to have pictures. A video would suffice as well.

Proving Your Neighbor Was Negligent

The dog attack would not have happened if your neighbor was alert. Your neighbor is legally required to keep his dog on a leash while they’re walking through the neighbor. The leash also needs to be of a standard quality. Letting go of the leash such that the dog made its way onto your property is trespassing and a breach in the law. It is a sign of negligence on your neighbor’s part. Therefore if there happens to be any witnesses around, you need to ask for their information and description of the event to then give to the police. You also have to know your neighbor’s dog’s breed, size and color without fail.


Since most people consider their four-legged companions (dogs) to be part of the family, it can be a harrowing experience if your neighbor’s dog suddenly attacks your dog for no reason other than the fact that it’s a dog. That is why you need to involve the law as soon as possible in order to show the severity of the matter from your point of view. Your neighbor should be able to offer you fair compensation if something like this ever happens to you and your dog. It is trespassing on your property as far as you are concerned and that’s against the law. Even when your neighbor becomes apologetic, you should still follow the solutions listed above because in the long run you may be doing your neighbor a huge favor.