Neighbor Flying Drone Over My House

Neighbor Flying Drone Over My House

Flying of drones is becoming increasingly common especially for recreational drones. Drones are exciting and people use them to capture aerial images and for spying. There are however regulations that govern the flying of all drones including business drones. It is important to note that there is a difference between flying a drone over one’s property or house and intruding that person’s house. Every drone operator should know the boundaries for use of their drones so that statutory provisions are not violated.

Despite the positives that may come with flying of drones, many people faces confrontation or law suits over illegal flying of their drones over private property. This calls for an examination of various laws that govern drone flying and recommended action steps to be taken when one feels his rights are violated by drone flying activities.

What The Law Says About Flying Drones

Drone flying is regulated under Federal Aviation Administration which stipulates the requirements for drone operation. For recreational drones the requirements are as follows:

  • The drone has to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration drone zone. You will get a registration number to be plated on your drone.
  • You will be offered terms list of conditions under which you can operate your drone. These conditions include altitude limits, flying zones and time of flying your drone. Additional terms restrict drone operation under the influence of alcohol or above humans or motor vehicles. Reckless driving is also prohibited as part of the terms.

For commercial drone pilots, the following are required by the federal regulations:

  • Registration with the FAA for you to operate your drone. You have to be an FAA-certified pilot as part of registration process.
  • Flying zone restrictions apply to business drones as well but however business drones may apply for a waiver for more flying zones freedom. Strict terms are provided for this category including weight limit of the drone, maximum ground speed. You may need to browse on FAA website for detailed terms.

Can One Be Sued For Flying A Drone Over A House

While drone flying can be an exciting experience, one can be sued for abuse of drone. Federal laws provide a restriction of drone flying that reasonably interferes with private property or someone’s rights to use and enjoy his or her property. This includes flying drones over someone’s house. Below are conditions that will warrant an offense for flying a drone over a house:

  • If a drone flies very close to a house to the extent that it may result in collision or damage to property. As stipulated in the terms, the drone should always fly in such a way that it does not cause accident or damage to property. Violation of this condition may result in the suing of the drone operator. Sometimes the drone operator may interfere with house external devices like aerials and satellite dishes which warrants an offense which may result in suing of the operator.
  • If the drone operator is not licensed or registered he can be sued no matter where the drone is flying.
  • If the drone is flying in such a way that it invades one’s privacy that is a reasonable cause for one to sue the operator for violation of human rights to privacy. Federal laws makes it clear that invasion of one’s privacy is a crime and therefore the must be avoided except for official government duties. Examples include capture of images or videos without permission.

Other than the registration requirements, invasion of human privacy and dangerous driving the drones can be flown around as long other registration terms are not violated otherwise drones must not be flown. It is a good practice for everyone to understand these drone regulations.

How To Sue Someone For Flying Over My House

The process of suing someone including a neighbor for flying a drone over your house is very simple but there has to be reasonable grounds for one to do that. If you feel any of your rights have been violated or is violated by flying of drones over your house follow the steps below:

  • First of all try to talk to your neighbor or the person flying the drone over your house. Explain your concerns or effects the flying of the drone has on you. Your neighbor should not have a problem with addressing your concern.
  • If the person continues, you may need to approach your local FAA offices and lodge a complaint.
  • These will be able to assist you. Also since some of these violations are enshrined in the local state laws, police may also assist to deal with your troublesome neighbor. You may report the person to your local police.

What Not To Do When Drone Fly Over Your House

It may seem logical to retaliate when you feel your rights are infringed by flying of drones over your house but resist this urge and follow proper procedures. Below are things you must avoid when drone flies over your house or anywhere:

  • Shoot the drone. Avoid this behavior as it may land you in the hands of the law.
  • Attack the owner of the drone. This also may land you in trouble with the law.

These two are the most immediate resolutions to respond to a drone flying over your house.

What Should I Do As A Drone Operator

Drone operators also have a responsibility to make sure that they operate their drones in a safe manner which does not cause accidents. Make sure you are registered with your local regulatory bodies and always abide by the registration terms to avoid the wrath of the law. Respect to people privacy is key and so avoid taking images and videos without permission.


Drones flying over one’s house can be annoying and due care has to be practiced. The regulations that governs these flights have to be respected to avoid conflicts with various property owners and regulatory bodies.