Neighbor Dog Barking Deterrent

Neighbor Dog Barking Deterrent

Although it can sometimes be irritating to humans, barking is essentially how dogs communicate. Different levels of barking sounds can be used by dogs to communicate a variety of different things including excitement, anxiety, frustration and rage amongst many other emotions dogs express. However this can become very annoying very quickly for humans as we may fail to interpret exactly what the dogs before us will be trying to communicate across so that we understand them. If you don’t have a dog yourself; noisy barking is probably one of the major reasons why. But that doesn’t stop your neighbor from having one. Your neighbor’s barking dog can become quite disruptive for you when all you want is some aline time. Here are some of the best deterrents to help stop your neighbor’s dog from barking annoyingly.

1. Talk To Your Neighbor

Before really taking matters into your own hands, talk to your neighbor about their dog’s disruptive barking and tell them how frustrating and irritating it is but do so in an understanding and compassionate way. This is so that your neighbor does not ward off your request as rude or inhumane. Your neighbor may not even know that their dog’s barking is problematic to other people in the vicinity, so be sure to approach your neighbor with a gentle attitude and give them a rundown on the situation.

Some dogs may bark noisily because they think they are securing their owner’s territory from invaders, you can and should make sure that you and your neighbor’s yards are fenced and separated such that the dog knows where their boundary is. This may solve the barking problem of your neighbor’s dog.

2. Distracting Toys

These can be chew toys or other general dog toys. They work great for distracting your neighbor’s dog from things that may trigger it to start barking. Not only do they help stop the dog from noisey barking, they also offer mental stimulation and help cure boredom for the dog, which can be another reason as to why your neighbor’s dog may always be barking. You can present such a toy to your neighbor as a gift for their dog (just be sure to keep it in its packaging to avoid any suspicions of poisoning.) The distraction toy will be great for shifting the dog’s attention from full on barking to full on play mode with the toy.

3. Vibrating Collar

Again because this is not your dog but your neighbor’s, you would have to present this barking deterrent either as a solution or a gift. So the first step on this article is very important. You have to talk to your neighbor first and only when you do not see them taking the necessary steps to change the situation can you offer the solutions on this list. A vibrating collar does exactly that, it vibrates. But it only vibrates when the sensors built into the collar detect barking or vibrations on the dog’s throat. The collar will then vibrate to distract the dog and ultimately stop it from barking. Be sure to explain to your neighbor that no harm will come to their dog. The collar only vibrates to distract the dog from barking and nothing else. Just make sure your neighbor does not wrap the collar on too tight. They should be able to easily slip in one finger under the collar and the dog’s neck. The beauty of the vibrating collar is that you can adjust the settings to be more intense so that the dog doesn’t get used to the vibrating of the collar.

4. Ultrasonic Gadgets/ Devices

These ultrasonic devices can produce high-pitched sounds only audible to the dog’s ears in response your neighbor’s dog’s noisy barking. Fortunately with this barking deterrent there doesn’t need to be any communication between you and your neighbor. There are both indoor and outdoor variations of ultrasonic devices, with outdoor variants having a wider range than the indoor ones. The sound emitted by these devices is annoying to dog’s and so everytime they bark noisily they will know that an annoying high-pitched sound will start up and they’ll immediately stop barking.

5. Spray Collars

This form of barking deterrent has quite the number of distractions for your neighbor’s dog. Because the spray is in the form of a collar, it is tightened around the neck of your neighbor’s dog. The spray collar emitts or expels a sprut of air with a substance known as citronella. Citronella smells bad to dog’s and can be very distracting. So the sound of the sprut, the blast of the spray and the smell of the citronella all work in tandem in distracting your neighbor’s dog when it barks. The spray activates when the collar senses the dog’s bark, as will many other collar based barking deterrents.

  • You may also help your neighbor find a professional dog trainer if it seems they cannot contain their dog’s barking. As you can tell by now most of the barking deterrents above are only helpful for distracting your neighbor’s dog’s attention, however if it is a serious issue like an intruder or wild animal lurking around the dog may continue to bark.
  • Dog barking should be taken seriously because as much as it is annoying, the dog may be trying to warn you of something dangerous.
  • Your neighbor’s dog might already know you by scent and almost everyone else around the neighborhood. The dog may be barking because of a new person’s scent that it doesn’t recognize.


Therefore you should only use the above listed methods if your neighbor’s dog is barking constantly and you cannot seem to find the cause of the dog’s barking. The dog may be hurt or someone around might be, in fact it was discovered in a recent scientific study that dog’s are able to detect early forms of cancer even way before body scanners like MRIs and X-rays are able to. So when your neighbor’s dog is constantly barking at you or other people for no visible or valid reason, it just might be trying to save your life.