Neighbor Does Not Take Care Of Yard

Neighbor Does Not Take Care Of Yard

People’s attitudes towards yard maintenance differ. There are some people who value the importance of taking care of their yards. Some opt to pay someone to do it for them whereas others do it themselves. Then there are other people who are not keen on taking care of their yards. Not taking care of one’s yard might not be a big deal in some cases. However, in some cases not taking care of one’s yard can have negative implications on other people. Imagine having a neighbor that does not take care of their yard. Let us discuss how you can handle such situations.

Why Should A Neighbor Take Care Of Their Yard?

Not Taking Care Of One’s Yard Is In Many Forms

Before we get into more detail, let us look at why it matters that a neighbor takes care of their yard. The forms in which a yard is not taken care of are many. It can be when a neighbor leaves vegetation such as trees and bushes getting overgrown. In some cases they can even extend into your yard. It can also be lawn or grass that is overgrown. It could be falling leaves that are never swept or gotten rid of. Sometimes it can be messy pools. It might also be in the form of accumulating trash. There are many possible ways that can constitute a yard not being taken care of.

Creates A Wide Range Of Risks

The reason why all these issues matter is because they can create a wide range of risks. The risks for instance can be health-related or security-related. For example, overgrown vegetation can provide cover for intruders or stalkers. Overgrown vegetation can also create habitats for dangerous insects and animals e.g. snakes, scorpions, and the like. Breeding ground can be created for pathogens thus leading to disease outbreaks. Unpleasant smells or fumes can also be created. Rubble, litter, refuse, dry grass, and so on can pose risks of fire outbreaks. The possibilities are many but this all shows why neighbors taking care of their yard matters. Let us get into what you can do when a neighbor does not take care of their yard:

Might Not Have Many Options, Here Is Why

It is rare to find places having laws regarding the upkeep of residential yards. It could be possible if it is properties governed by a home owners association (HOA). Under such circumstances it is highly likely there could be stipulations about yard standards. If your neighbor does not take care of their yard you could report to the HOA authorities. Otherwise there might be no options that entail reporting your neighbor. You can check with local authorities under which your location falls. You might find rules and regulations (or ordinances) pertaining to how yards should be kept like. Anyways, as a principle, when your neighbor does not take care of their yard, talk to them first.

Seek To Ascertain Occupancy And Who The Occupant Is

Find out who the current occupant of the property is, that is if you do not already know. This seems obvious but it is possible there might be no current occupant. Figuring out occupancy can open up a can of worms as some past incidents have shown. There are many cases of someone missing or lone occupants dying in their houses. Many cases started off with someone noticing that their neighbor’s yard is not being taken care of. It is important to find out if the property is currently occupied and who the occupant is. In trying to establish all this you must make sure you do not break any laws. For instance, do go onto the property and look around without permission. That would be trespassing. If you sense or notice something off you can always contact the local police.

Engage Your Neighbor (If You Know Them)

The Possible Reasons Behind Are Infinite

If you know the neighbor, find a way to establish contact with them. Then tactfully and respectfully find out why they are not taking care of their yard. This is important because reasons why a neighbor is not taking care of their yard are many. They could be experiencing sickness or they can be living with disability. This would limit their ability to take care of their yard. They might have a daily schedule that makes it hard to find time to take care of their yard. It is possible they might not have the money or resources to take care of their yard. Some neighbors might just be nonchalant about taking care of their yards.

Keep Your Engagement Cordial

It is important to establish the reason(s) why your neighbor is not taking care of their yard. In most cases you will likely find that the reasons are genuine; do not be quick to judge. If you manage to have a fruitful chat you can resolve the issue. It could be that your neighbor simply needs help taking care of their yard. If you can assist or arrange assistance, kindly do so. Always remember to be cordial when engaging your neighbor. Only when they are not forthcoming can you explore your options within the confines of applicable law.

If There Are No Immediate Risks, Just Ignore

At times it is not worth the effort to try to engage your neighbor. Their lack of care for their yard might not be that significant. Many people at times can just find ways to block the unpleasant view of their neighbor’s yard. Some can literally just not pay attention to it at all. Assess the extent to which your neighbor does not clean their yard. If it is not that serious, ignoring might be a better avenue.

Final Words

When your neighbor does not take care of their yard, follow a series of steps. Ascertain occupancy, who they are (if occupied), and find out their situation. By looking at their reasons, if you can, help in any way you can. If push comes to shove report to responsible authorities where needs be. A neighbor’s yard not taken care of can pose many risks so be wary.