Low Cost Backyard Flooring Options

Low Cost Backyard Flooring Options

Out there exist a lot of affordable backyard flooring options which will add value to your property with minimum input on your part.  Below are some of the most common.

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One low cost flooring option for your backyard is pea gravel. It requires very little expertise to install in your backyard as it is simply poured in place. To prevent the growth of weeds, a damp proofing membrane will have to be laid, held in place by edging for a more precise look. Pea gravel is either poured loosely or is pre-mixed with epoxy for bonding. In either case, after being poured into place, it is levelled with a rake.


Another affordable option for flooring your backyard, is concrete. It is incredibly durable and requiring little to no maintenance, it also serves as a customisable blank canvas, that suits a wide range of personalities and some variations are

Coloured Concrete

This low cost backyard flooring option can be done in two ways depending on the temperament of the home owner. When looking for a coloured design that will endure for generations, coloured aggregates, mixed with cement and water bond forming a set concrete slab with an intrinsic colour that will not fade.

Stamped Concrete

Similar to coloured concrete, stamped concrete is worked on while it is still wet resulting in permanent results when set. While wet, pigments are swirled into concrete, as patterns are stamped into it with a variety of stencils. These set with the concrete and can be polished, resulting in beautiful designs.

Painted Concrete

Another cheap option for backyard flooring is painted concrete which is most ideal for eccentric home owners whose tastes are liable to change. Set concrete is coated with the appropriate paint and when tastes change, it can be painted over with a new layer of paint.

Concrete Pavers

These are unitized concrete slabs which give them an advantage over a slab in that they better distribute weight. Where a monolithic concrete slab may crack for instance, due to varying degrees of applied force on it, concrete pavers distribute weight individually. With the use of coloured aggregates, an array of geometric patterns can be achieved. Concrete pavers are also highly slip resistant and can be used around a pool area.


While wet, concrete can be riddled with pebbles for a range of aesthetic effects and is evidently inexpensive. The choice of pebbles, in shape and colour is completely up to the home owner and when set, this finish can be polished or left in a rough rustic state.


Brick Pavers come in a number of colours and are incredibly durable. Their modular nature means they can create beautiful floor mosaics. They require little prep and maintenance which includes hosing and sweeping to get rid grime. However, like concrete pavers, they are time consuming as they are installed paver by paver


Even though it is made for outdoor spaces, outdoor carpets as a low cost backyard flooring option are best suited for dry climates as moisture adversely affects its durability. Outdoor carpets come in a myriad of colours and can be easily mixed and matched creating visual interest in your backyard.


As an affordable backyard flooring option, rubber tiles are the best for children as they have great shock absorbing properties, protecting from falls. Aesthetically, they can be made to imitate the look of classic stone and brick and are ideal for pool areas as their slip resistance increases when wet. Requiring little ground work prep before installation they are easy amongst the easiest to install.


Also known as Astroturf, artificial grass has the look of natural lawn without the maintenance. It is cheap, easy and quick to set up and because it is non porous, drains and dries with ease.  Artificial grass is also hypoallergenic as it produces no pollen in the spring months. It gives the look of a lush neatly mowed lawn and comes in varieties of lawn types which you can decide on.


Natural lawn’s affordability is in direct proportion to the area it covers. The more you have, the more you’ll need to irrigate and maintain. In the case of a small backyard, however, natural lawn can be planted in smaller manageable parts. It is arguably the most natural of finishes, and in hot months, natural lawn provides a cooling effect which can act as an area of respite in high temperatures.


When new, wood is an expensive backyard flooring option, however, when reclaimed from old houses, barns and pallets for instance, becomes an increasingly affordable option. When installed correctly, timber can endure harsh weather conditions extremely well, while also creating an ambience of charm and warmth in the areas in which it is used. It requires sealants from time to time to protect it from moisture.


Both ceramic and terracotta tiles require a solid floor to be fixed on and even though both can be used in a back yard, terracotta tiles perform better as they are less susceptible to crack in fluctuating weather. Terracotta also comes with terracotta accessories such as flower pots which create a unified aesthetic.


Composite decking is a cheap backyard flooring option composed of thermoplastic resins, and wood fibres. It is hard and non-porous and as such doesn’t rot, an advantage it has over wood.  It is also incredibly easy to install and as such eliminates labour costs. Due to its impervious nature, it doesn’t adhere well to paints, as such, prudent aesthetic decisions must be made before its installation.


Whether doing it yourself or hiring out labour, the above examples offer affordable backyard flooring options for your home. Properly installed, these alternatives remain beautiful for a long time and with little maintenance in most cases, they provide a chance for each and every home owner to express themselves. Hopefully you have found an inexpensive backyard flooring option that suits your taste