6 Common Problems With The Janome MC9450

Janome MC9450 Problems

The Janome MC9450 is part of Janome’s Memory Craft line. The line hosts some of Janome’s most technologically advanced machines. The Janome MC9450 is advanced in almost every single way imaginable. You could literally just sit back and relax whilst the machine does all the sewing for you. All that you would have to do is put your foot down the pedal of course. It has a large LCD touchscreen which helps make some of the sewing machine’s convenient features easily accessible. One of the machine’s most note worthy features is the 350 built-in stitch patterns it comes with. Including the ability to customize each and every one of those stitch patterns to you liking. But although the Janome MC9450 is at the pinnacle of computerized home sewing machines, it does have the same problems a typical sewing machine is inclined to. It’s true that the incorporation of computer technology into sewing machines negates or irradicates most of the problems traditional or non-computerized sewing machines have. But it often leads to newer and more complicated problems.

1. It Is Completely Computerized

Why is this a problem? Well, because when one component of the Janome MC9450 sewing machine is damaged or faulty, the entire sewing machine will shut down making it entirely useless until whatever it is is solved or taken out. And on most cases you cannot solve the problem on your own immediately. Another reason as to why this is an issue is because the power of the sewing experience is completely taken away from the hands of the users and into the sewing machine.

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The Janome MC9450 will tell you what the problem is (on the large LCD touchscreen), where on the sewing machine it is taking place and how to effectively solve it with step-by-step instructions. All you have to do is follow them. If it is something you cannot do, it is best to contact a professional technician.

2. It Has Got Expensive Parts

Computerized sewing machines are generally more expensive than mechanical, or semi-electric, sewing machines so it is only fitting that their parts are just as expensive. Just a single part (like a needle) of the Janome MC9450 can cost as much as a couple of a hundred dollars. The more impressive and packed with features the computerized sewing machine is, the pricier it becomes and the Janome MC9450 is quite impressive.

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If cost is a very big problem for you then it would be wise to not purchase or even consider purchasing the Janome MC9450 sewing machine entirely. It would help you to pick a more cheaper alternative whilst also putting the sewing experience back into your hands.

3. It Is Quite Complicated

If you’re not used to the bells and whistles most computerized sewing machines come with then the Janome MC9450 will problematic to you. When overwhelmed with the unlimited capabilities with every sewing feature available at the tips of your fingers, it can become quite stressful and complicated to use.

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If all you’re looking for from a sewing machine is to join clothes, there’s absolutely no need for all 350 stitch patterns the Janome MC9450 comes with. In fact most people promote the use of mechanical sewing machines as opposed to new computerized sewing machines because of their complicated nature.

4. It Doesn’t Last Long

The Janome MC9450 is after all a computerized sewing machine and in contrast to more typical sewing machines, it is subject to the wear and tear problems of computerized sewing machines. Most people, because of the Janome MC9450’s nature end up using it on a more regular basis than they normally would with any other type of sewing machine. But this subjects it to wear and tear due to overuse. And as mentioned before if one part of the Janome MC9450 malfunctions or breaks then the entire sewing machine ceases to work.

Due to advancements in the technology of sewing machines you may find that after a couple of years or even in a matter of months the machine you’re using becomes obsolete because it is not up-to-date with the current technologies of sewing machines. The same cannot be said about mechanical or semi-electrical sewing machines.

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The Janome MC9450 is covered under warranty so if any problem occurs the sewing machine can be taken back to the dealer where it was bought or straight to the Janome company for a full refund or repair depending on your preference, provided it is still within the warranty period.

5. It Has Computer Connectivity

When you connect your Janome MC9450 to a MacBook computer (as it allows) it will register as a hard drive, which hinders some of the functionality of this feature. You need to be tech-savvy to fully utilize the features of the Janome MC9450 sewing machine. Unfortunately because the Janome MC9450 can be connected to a computer it is victim to computer viruses and bugs. These will cause your sewing machine to malfunction and start behaving differently like needle jamming or in a more extreme case completely turn off without reason. Computer viruses and bugs can be transferred via image files or connection medium between the sewing machine and the computer.

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You can still use the Janome MC9450 even as a hard drive because your primary purpose will be to transfer designs you’d like to incorporate onto your fabrics. Another option is to use a computer running on Windows (the Janome MC9450 is more optimized for the Windows Operating System) which will provide more options to toggle with your sewing machine if you do not simply want to transfer files. Janome also has image formats specific to its computerized sewing machines to reduce the risk of being infected with a computer virus. Only Janome sewing machines will be able to read and open the image format.

6. Its Touchscreen Can Become Sticky

This problem is not specific to only the Janome MC9450 but other computerized sewing machines with a touchscreen display as well. When the machine is either still sewing or connected to a USB drive, the touchscreen display will become unreactive and thus impossible to use.

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Fortunately there are a few ways you can solve this problem. First The touchscreen display is accompanied by buttons (to help with this specific problem) on its right side. One of the buttons is a settings button with a ratchet and the word SET on it. This will lead you to a settings menu when you have to select the icon with the stylus and tab. You can still navigate the screen with the arrow buttons located underneath the screen. Select this option to recalibrate (make the touchscreen responsive again) the Janome MC9450’s touchscreen. You have to use the stylus or pen that comes with the machine.

Another option is to completely turn off the machine so that it returns to its default or factory settings and then turn it on again after a few seconds. The Janome MC9450 has memory cartridges so it can remember where it left off before you turned it off, so it does not hinder your sewing process even after being turned off.