How To Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

Turn Your Home Into A Smart Home

From how we work to how we play, there is little doubt that technology, especially smart technology, is making the many aspects of our lives easier. This is no different in the housing market as smart technology is becoming as necessary as furniture in making our abodes more comfortable and convenient. Now even if your home was built before the age of smart technology, there is no need to worry as, there are still many ways to turn your home into a smart home.

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Security is a top reason for converting your house into a smart home and smart technology does offer a number of strategies in this regard.

Smart cameras, for both indoor and outdoor use, enable you to keep an eye on your property for visitors, pets and intruders from anywhere within or away from your home through your smart phone. This allows you in any case, to have the upper hand in safely initiating any requisite action to protect yourself, your family and your valuables.

Smart locks, opened and locked by your smart phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth require no keys, with the passcodes to different doors accessible to you, you have what could be equated to a master key, locking and unlocking doors at will from any location you have your smart phone with you, allowing you greater control of who accesses which parts of your house and when.

Smart doorbells, which also come with the convenience of having no need for a specialist installation, without the need of coming close to it. They also come with the added advantage that they enable you to video chat with visitors if you’re not at home. For added security, smart door bells also take snapshots of visitors every time they ring the bell.

Smart smoke detectors, which sense the amount of carbon monoxide in your home report directly to your smart phone and can be used in unison with smart thermostats, ensuring that they reduce the temperature when or if the carbon monoxide levels in your home rise. Smart smoke detectors also have the advantage over conventional ones that they also self-charge, keeping them efficient and working over a greater time.



The entertainment system in your home, largely due to the frequency of its use, will see an immediate transformation of your residence into a smart home.

Smart televisions were among the first smart technology interventions to enter the home market. Connecting directly to the internet, they eliminate the need for additional cables and devices and in recent iterations, through their accompanying applications, they can connect directly to your smart phone which can then function as a remote. This offers you relatively unparalleled access to internet entertainment at your own time.

Smart speakers, also complement smart televisions in the conversion of your current abode into a smart home, working in accord with them or in isolation for those days you simply want to listen to audio content without watching anything. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and prices, a smart speaker exists to match your budget and style. Smart speakers are not only designed for leisure however, and when linked to your smart phone calendar can be programmed to remind you of daily tasks.



Another way to convert your space into a smart home is to leverage smart technology’s ability to create a comfortable environment in your home.

Smart bulbs can be programmed through your smart phone, allowing you to have certain lights in your home on or off at certain times of the day in specific rooms. They also can be customized, within the parameters of the responsible application to various colours, brightness and intensity depending on the specific mood you want to set up for yourself or your guests.

Smart thermostats exist on the market to warm up your home, often set up in unison with the conventional thermostats in your home. They allow you to monitor the temperature in your house, as well as adjust it to your desires, at the touch of your smart phone. This step in transforming your house into a smart home has the added convenience that it enables you to warm up your home while away for the sake of your pets on cold nights or, for the added convenience of arriving in a pre-warmed space when you get home as opposed to waiting for it to warm up when you arrive.

One thing to note when having decided to change your light bulbs and thermostats to smart ones, it is advisable to change your switchboard in order to smoothly integrate the whole system. There are many switchboards available to easier facilitate smart technology and these enable your comfort and mood system to function glitch free.



In terms of cleaning, standard appliances like dishwashers and washing machines are coming equipped with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth technology which gives you greater control from your smart phone from anywhere within or outside your home. You still have to load these appliances with the dishes and clothes however and this is where other fully automated appliances such as vacuum cleaners have the upper hand. These work effectively in sucking up dirt in areas you have assigned to them to, maintaining a clean environment in your home. This will naturally free you up for things such as personal or family time, which is one of the greatest benefits you can achieve in turning your home into a smart home.


To complete the conversion of your residence into smart home, all the devices mentioned above are then linked into one home management system application that then ensures the symbiotic functioning of all the systems in your home, changeable at the touch of your smartphone. If you are a stickler for technology then, this is a call to have fun enjoying the endless options that will help transform your residence into a smart home. Enjoy!