How To Tell If Your House Smells Like A Dog

House Smells Like A Dog

Because of something known as nose blindness your nose can get adapted to a unique smell and no longer let you pick it up or able to smell it because you now would be used to it. The receptors in your nose will no longer pick up the smell and so what was once a horrible smell is now undetected. This is especially true if you have a dog in your house. Dogs are smell in nature now matter how regularly you wash them or how good their diet is. But due to living with the dog for a long time, your nose may be subject to nose blindness. You may only be made aware of this by guests or neighbors who would not yet have gotten nose blindness because they’re not always interacting with your dog. So how can you tell if your house smells like a dog if you’ve developed nose blindness? Let’s find out.

Ask A Friend, Neighbor Or Close Family Member

The first thing to do if you want to tell whether or not your house smells like a dog is to ask from people who visit your house sometimes but do not live with you. Because they’re not always exposed to the funky dog smell, they may very well be able to pick up the smell of your dog with their noses immediately after walking into your house. This can be a friend, a close neighbor or a close family member. You may not be as awkward and uncomfortable around these people as say a work mate or distant relative who might be visiting. If the person you asked can smell the dog smell then you should take action.

Leave Your House For A Few Days

This may seem a bit drastic (and in some cases it is) just to confirm if your house smells like a dog but it is also very effective. Leave your house for a couple of days; visit a new place, take a road trip, stay at a hotel, take a much needed vacation. The goal is to expose your nose to new smells for a few days so that when you finally come back to your house you are able to pick up on the dog’s smell. But before you leave, make sure that all the doors of your house are locked and shut. The windows should also be sealed so that the smell of the dog is concentrated around your house.

Pay Attention And Really Smell Your House

If you look for it you will probably find it. Just because your nose receptors don’t pick up the smell of your dog anymore doesn’t mean they cannot. If you pay attention and walk around your house taking occasional deep breaths as you go, you may be able to pick up your dog’s funky smell. If your house smells like a dog it is probably due to the dog’s hairs that have fallen off from the dog’s coat. Because when your dog is moving around your house it tends to shed fur quite a lot. If you know where your dog frequently move around your house, you may find it easier to know where it’s smell is originating from and where it is most concentrated.

What To Do If Your House Smells Like A Dog

Vacuum Your House

Your dog will have a funky smell one way or the other and it will shed some fur/ hairs (that’s a fact.) But be sure to vacuum your house everyday to get rid of the dog’s smell ( that is wrought through dirt and bacteria that is on the dog’s coat.) Dog hair is the main culprit of spreading the dog’s smell throughout your house. The trick is not to let the dog hair remain for a long time around your house on things like your carpets, curtains and/or couch. If it does stay for a long time uncleaned, it will be what will eventually lead to your house smelling dog-funky.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is great for absorbing odors and is usually used in to clean trash cans because it can soak up and absorb any bad odors that will be present in the trash can. You can also use it in your house. Chances are that if your house smells like a dog, the smell is probably originating from one place and then diffusing to other parts of your house. Sprinkle some baking soda on your couch, carpet or dog’s bedding, basically anywhere your dog spends the most amount of time. You can use this method of getting rid of a dog’s smell from your house before vacuuming it.

  • It’s best to first test this method on a small area (like the dog’s bedding) before attempting to do it on a massive scale.

Steam Clean Some Parts Of The House

Odors or bad smells are caused by bacteria which are living things. When bacteria is present on a surface, chances are that that surface will probably smell bad. Steam is highly pressurized water vapor that can be used for heating, cooking or provide mechanical energy. But in your case, you would be using steam to sterilize your house and clear it of any bacteria. When exposed to the heat the steam, the bacteria producing the dog odor will die or be vaporized. When using steam to get rid of the dog’s smell in your house, use a steam iron or steamer which you can purchase. Again prioritizing where the dog spends most of its time laying down.


When cleaning your house on a daily basis be sure to open your windows. Good ventilation is also very advisable if you want to keep your house from smelling like a dog. You can also use essential oils to apply on your dog’s coat, and some air freshners like scented candles or aerosol sprays. Again, it is not uncommon for a dog to smell funky because it is natural but you don’t want your house smelling funky like your dog because it may upset some of your guest. Take good care of your dog by cleaning it on a daily basis as well (like you do your house.) Because you never know who might stop by for a visit.