How To Stop Cigarette Smoke From Neighbors

Stop Cigarette Smoke From Neighbors

Is your neighbor constantly smoking? Is this affecting you in any way? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, simply checkout the article below in order to get a better understanding of how you can stop cigarette smoke from your neighbors.

How To Stop Cigarette Smoke From Neighbors

1. Check Lease Of Your Apartment

If you have a neighbor who always smokes and it’s beginning to affect you, the best option is to check your apartment lease to see if they are any rules that condone this kind of behavior. Some apartments have rules that prohibit second hand smoking and you can actually be protected from this by your landlord.

2. Talk To Neighbor

If your neighbor is someone that you regularly see its best that you talk to them about the situation. Explain to them how their cigarette smoke is affecting you and what they can do better in order to minimize the problem. When approaching your neighbor with such a topic it’s important that you do it in a polite way so that it doesn’t end up sounding like a confrontation. If your neighbor is very understanding they will try to adopt your proposed solutions but, if this fails you may have to take necessary or extreme measures to stop the cigarette smoke from entering your house.

3. Visit Your Doctor

If talking to your neighbor is not yielding any positive results, you can always visit your doctor and ask them to do various tests to see if second hand smoking is affecting your health. If the doctor confirms that it is, he or she should write you a small note to confirm this. You can then use the note as evidence to try and get your neighbor to stop smoking indoors or to convince your landlord to put rules that prohibit indoor smoking.

4. Engage Other Neighbors

If your neighbor’s cigarette smoke is affecting you, there is a chance that it is also affecting other neighbors. In this case you have to consult other neighbors to confirm whether they are being affected by the cigarette smoke. If they are, you can team up and talk with the building owner. If this fails, write a petition to the landlord or building owner. If the petition gets signed by a number of people, the landlord is most likely going to put polices that prohibit indoor smoking.

5. Talk To The Landlord Or Property Manager

If you want to stop cigarette smoke from your neighbor it’s wise to speak to the landlord or property manager. This is because they have the authority to ask a tenant to stop smoking indoors. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to ensure that the apartment is safe and healthy to live in. If your landlord is an understanding person, they will try to take necessary measures to resolve the problem. If they fail to resolve the problem you can always present them with your doctor’s note and then ask other neighbors who are being affected to also report. This way, the landlord will feel pressured to try and address the matter.

6. Make Adjustments To Your Apartment

If talking to your neighbor and landlord does not yield any positive results, it’s important that you make necessary adjustments to your apartment so that cigarette smoke does not get inside. However, make sure you are not making any changes that break the terms of your lease agreement. In some cases you can seal all smoke entry points like doors, windows, electric outlets and lighting fixtures. You can also add a box fan or ceiling fan so that air can still circulate in your apartment. You can also install an air purifier in your apartment. This will help to get rid of the cigarette smell in your apartment.

Can My Neighbors Smoking Affect Me?

Yes, your neighbors smoking can affect you. In most cases, you can develop asthma, lung cancer, stroke or heart diseases. This is one of the reasons why a number of buildings or apartments have rules in place that prohibit indoor smoking. If your neighbor is constantly smoking it means you are vulnerable to second hand smoking and you should definitely talk to them about it.

How Do You Neutralize Cigarette Smoke?

The best way to neutralize cigarette smoke is to install an air purifier in your house. It will help to purify the air in your house and in most cases neighbors will not be able to smell your cigarette smoke.

Can Cigarette Smoke Seep Through Walls?

Yes, cigarette smoke can seep through walls. Therefore, always try by all means to smoke your cigarettes outside in order to prevent second hand smoking.

Does Cigarette Smoke Ruin A House?

Yes, cigarette smoke can ruin a house. This is because when people smoke, cigarettes produces a third hand smoke residue that stays on carpets, walls, furniture doors and ceilings. So even if the person stops smoking and moves out, new tenants can still smell the cigarette smoke which can be very annoying. Most building owners prohibit smoking in their buildings because they are very much aware of the effects of cigarette smoke on a house.

Can Neighbors Complain About Smell?

Yes, neighbors can complain about smell. They can either complain directly to the neighbor or to the landlord or building owner. So if you have a neighbor that has a smelling apartment and its affecting you, try to pass a complaint. There is a chance that necessary measures will be taken to address this.

Can You Sleep In A House With Smoke?

No, you cannot sleep in a house with smoke. This is because you can suffocate or develop health problems. If you notice that your house has smoke you should try vacate it and find somewhere to stay until the smoke goes away.


Cigarette smoke from neighbors can affect or deteriorate your health. Therefore, you should adopt any of the solutions stated above. It is worth noting that some buildings have polices in place that prohibit indoor smoking so you should always check your lease or building rules.