How To Punish Dogs For Pooping In House

Punish Dogs For Pooping In House

Having a dog that poops in the house is not an easy experience for many people and usually the dog gets punished for that. This gets worse if it becomes a routine whenever the dog is inside the house. As pet owners, we should understand our pets’ behavior and identify any pattern changes that may be early warning signs for some of the issues we face, like pooping inside the house. There are many reasons why a dog may poop inside the house which may not need us to punish the dog.

Why Dog Poop Inside House

There are many factors responsible for dogs pooping inside the house and we need to be patient with our dogs when this happens. It is not always the solution to punish a dog.

  • Outdoor Stress. The dog may poop when there is something outside that makes them anxious or scares them. Some dogs have a high nervous instability that even loud noises or explosions can cause them to poop wherever they are. In the presence of fear outside the dog may not poop and then takes the opportunity once inside.
  • Most of the times dogs get used to their daily routine like eating schedule, going for walks and many more. If there is a sudden change to these routines, the dog may not be ready leading to pooping in the house. It is always good to notice these changes on your dog.
  • Change of diet. Changes in the diet of your dog may also contribute due to intestinal upset. This may be due to new food you bought for your dog or some food from the bin which the intestines may not handle well. The dog will react quickly to this in such a way that it will not be able to leave the house. At times the dog may find the doors closed to leave the house.
  • Health issues. There are many medical conditions that increase the sense of urgency for your dog resulting in it not being able to leave the house in time thereby messing in the house. Intestinal worms and parasites are also known to cause this in dogs.
  • Ageing is also known to be another cause for this problem with dogs. It is also important to know that there are some other reasons that may cause a dog to poop inside the house.

How To Punish Your Dog

People may get annoyed to the extent that punishing the dog will be the most obvious thing for them. They get so angry to the extent that they only see negligence of the dog as the cause. They will not be able to see that there are underlying causes. Punishing the dog is not the solution to this problem that many people face with their dogs and I do not recommend it. Like mentioned above there are many problems which causes the dog to poop in the house and identifying the root causes and finding ways of eliminating them will solve the problem easily for you without punishing the dog.

How To Stop A Dog From Pooping Inside House

I will mention it again that punishing a dog is not the solution. There are many ways that can assist to stop your dog from pooping in the house. Below are some of the ways that can be used to help your dog.

  • Identify the underlying health issues with your dog. This involves scheduling an appointment with your local veterinary officers and have them check your dog for various infections. Intestinal infections like worms and parasites can be tested and treated by use of deworming medications. The veterinary officer may also recommend other prescriptions for various food allergies. This will mostly help your dog.
  • Train your dog your desired routine. This involves letting your dog go out around times you know it usually messes the house. Repeatedly doing this will reinforce that behavior and your dog will get used to visiting the toilet when outside. You may also need to take your dog outside more frequent to give it a chance to poop outside and once it gets used it will continue doing that.
  • Get treatment for anxiety and age related issues. On this one your veterinary can be of great assistance as well. They may advice diet changes and medications that may help your dog cope up with this new phase of life.

What Not To Do To Your Dog

Of all the things we may do to our dogs when they mess the house let us try and avoid certain things as they may not only worsen the situation but also create hatred between us and our dog.

  • Avoid beating your dog. This is one of the errors that dog owners do which at times may result in seriously injuring your pet. This may be regarded as animal cruelty by various state laws and owner can be charged for that.
  • Yelling and shouting at your dog. Yelling will only make the dog fear you more and in the worst case scenario the dog may also get angry and attack the owner. It is recommended to always avoid these two common habits as they are not constructive. You may also need to share your challenges with others who own dogs and hear their experience probably you may get useful information.

What About Other Pets

The same can be said for other domesticated animals or pets. Abnormal behavior should not be used as basis for punishment. Let us always try our best to assist our pets when we notice these abnormal behaviors.


While dogs may poop inside the house, punishment is not the solution or any other inhuman treatment. Punishment of dogs may be interpreted as animal cruelty or abuse under certain laws which may get us into trouble. Let us therefore all be responsible with our dogs, with proper training and care these are very beautiful animals.