How To Get A Bee Out Of Your House

Get A Bee Out Of Your House

A bee is a winged insect that is well known for producing honey and its deadly sting. Bees can be a source of worry for children and others with allergies especially in the house. Many people find it easy to just kill the bee and throw it outside dead than getting it out alive. This seems the easiest option for many since even a book can smash the bee dead. There are however many ways you can use to get a bee out of your house. The ways vary from using sprays, smoke and trapping the bee and let it go out of your house.

Trap the Bee in a Jar

This is one of the ways you can use to get a bee out of your house. Tapping a bee is not complicated and only requires a jaw and a cover for your jar. Always make sure you have long sleeved shirts and trousers to shield yourself from bee sting in case of mistake.

  • Take an empty small jar that you can easily hold in your hand. It will be easier if the jar is a plastic and transparent one. Ensure the jar is fairly deep at least 15cm. This allows you time to cover the jar before the bee escapes again.
  • Wait and allow the bee to land on a smooth surface. Avoid attempting to catch the bee while it is on a rough surface.
  • When the bee has landed, carefully and slowly bring the opening of the jar close to the bee. Make sure the bee is within the jar opening circumference. When you are close about 15cm away quickly move the jar to trap the bee inside. For a plastic jar, it will not break and let the bee out again due to impact with the surface.
  • Bring the paper cover close to the trapped bee inside the jar. Wait until the bee is stable or close to the bottom end of the jar.
  • Quickly turn the jar and cover with the paper to keep the bee inside. There are risks that if you delay the bee may escape again and or bite you.
  • The best method would be to slide the paper cover underneath the jar opening as this requires a very small space of less than a millimeter which may not allow the bee to escape.
  • Next you take the closed jar outside making sure that windows are closed and the bee won’t easily enter again.
  • Point the jar away from you a distance away from your room and uncover the jar to let the bee fly away.

This method is easy but requires one to be quick when capturing the bee. The method also does not kill the bee and has no cost.

Open Various Entrance Points

This is again the other method of getting a bee out of your house. The method is very simple and there is no cost incurred in this method.

  • Make all exit points clear for the bee to exit. Open all windows and curtains so that the bee can find a way out of your house. Also open doors and ensure that there is no one on the way to avoid getting a bee sting.
  • Try to direct the bee to the entrance using a cloth and close the windows after the bee exits. Be careful to avoid getting bitten by the bee in the process.
  • If it’s during the night, you may need to switch off all your lights and make the room dark. Put a small light outside directly through the window that will attract the bee.
  • When the bee has left through the window close it behind the bee and you are done. You may switch on back your lights.

Trap the Bee with Sugar Concentrate Solution

Bees are attracted to sweet flavors and sugar concentrate may also provide that flavor making it easy to trap a bee and get it out of your house. You need to follow the steps below to get a bee out of your house using this method.

  • Prepare a concentrated solution of sugar and water by mixing approximately 1 tablespoon of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water in a jar.
  • Stir the mixture very well and it should have the viscosity close to the honey.
  • Take a lid for the jar and punch a small opening that will make it difficult for the bee to escape easily once inside.
  • Close the jar with the lead and place close to where the bee is.
  • Wait patiently for the bee to enter the bee from the scent of the solution. When the bee is inside take the jar out of your house and make sure it does not escape.
  • Open the jar while outside and let the bee escape. You are done.

Using Insecticides

This is another method of getting a bee out of your house. There are many insecticides designed for repelling bees out of any place and therefore you can make use of these sprays.

  • Take your repellent and close any other entrances to other rooms.
  • Make sure you read carefully the labels on your repellant to avoid use of toxic chemicals incorrectly.
  • Also make sure no one is in the room you need to spray. Leave windows open so that the bee will find its way out after smelling the spray.
  • Spray the repellent as per instruction and leave the room leaving only the windows open. The bee will definitely leave the room when it smells the repellent and you are done.
  • You will need to make sure that you follow procedure for the chemical use and check after prescribed time frame to avoid smelling toxic chemicals. You may also need to allow some time to clean the air of the repellent or switch on your fan for quick results.


These are all different ways of getting a bee out of your home and the choice depends on individuals but all can help get the bee out of your house.