How To Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Charge 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Batteries are an essential component of all golf carts. They are the power source for the ignition during start up, running of electric golf carts and all electrical functions of the golf carts which are electric indicators, hooters, and lights. Batteries for golf carts comes mainly in 6 or 8 or 12 volt deep cycle batteries particularly for powering electric golf carts. Gas powered golf cycles usually uses one 12 volts battery for its ignition and electric functions. During use these batteries discharge and would therefore require recharging. It is not recommended to run golf cart batteries including the 8 volt battery until they discharge completely but also avoid overcharging the batteries as this may damage the battery cells. There are many issues to take note of when recharging golf cart batteries which helps to prolong the battery life. Many golf cart suppliers or battery suppliers provide batteries maintenance manuals which contains recharging procedures to avoid damaging the batteries. It is important to read and understand the procedures and apply them correctly.

Check Up Items Before Charging

Charging of 8 volt golf cart batteries require a few things to be inspected and verified before the recharge process. This is meant to protect the batteries and safety risks that may be associated with overlooking of such issues.

  • Always check that the charger is dedicated for the 8 volt battery. Many golf carts are provided with battery chargers for their battery system they come with. 6 Volt battery systems are provided with 6 volt battery chargers, 8 volt battery systems are provided as well with 8 volt battery chargers and 12 volt battery systems are also provided with 12 volt battery chargers. Golf cart chargers for 8 volt batteries are always marked with labels on the charger itself. There are specifications that details the charger input and output specifications and these specifications vary depending on the voltage of the battery systems and therefore it is important to check that. It is not advisable to use 12 volt chargers for 8 volt battery systems as this will force charge the battery system resulting in damage to cells and shortened life span.
  • Check and always make sure that the water level is adequate within the battery. This can be seen by looking through battery holes and battery elements or plates should be fully submerged under the electrolyte containing water. Recharging of batteries with little or no water damages the battery plates and results in battery not accepting charge again. Batteries without adequate water dry out and flake off getting damaged. The paste on lead plates will fall and necessary chemical reactions will not happen.
  • Never charge 8 volt golf cart battery or any other golf cart battery with the golf cart on. Switch your golf cart off and put it in tow mode for safety reasons.

Charging Using Dedicated Charger

After purchasing new golf cart, the batteries including 8 volt batteries requires to be charged. For the first 20 or so charging and discharging cycles the 8 volt golf cart batteries have to be charged to full capacity and not allowed to discharge below around 75% of its capacity.

  • Bring your 8 volt battery powered golf cart to the charging socket outlet. Make sure the golf cart is close to the outlet as much as possible to that the charger cable does not over stretch and wear quickly. Also make sure to align the golf cart charging port with charger outlet port. This is also to avoid twisting the charger which with time will result in the charger cable getting broken and failure to charge.
  • All the pre-checks mentioned above should be done and adjustments made before the recharging process.
  • Connect the 8 volt golf cart battery charger input to the wall outlet socket and the charger output to the 8 volt golf cart battery input socket.
  • After that switch on the mains power supply on your wall or adaptor and finally switch on your charger. It is important to read the instructions and message on the charger manual to understand how it operates. Some chargers will produce a sound and have indicator lights of different colors. Some golf cart battery chargers also come with fast charging option.
  • You should see the charging manual instructions being confirmed. Mostly red indicator light may switch on when charging starts and a sound from the charger is observed.
  • Most of the chargers automatically shut off when the battery is completely charged and green indicator light switches on. This may differ according to the charger design and so it is important to understand how the particular charger for your 8 volt golf cart battery functions.
  • After that switch off the charger first and remove the charger outlet from the golf cart inlet charging socket. Next switch off the mains supply and unplug your charger from the wall. This way you would have completed the charging process for your 8 volt golf cart batteries.

It is in your best interests to always recharge your battery before it discharges to below around 75% as deep discharging may affect the battery charging process. The procedure applies also to the charging of in-use 8 volts golf cart batteries. The major difference you will notice in this process is the charging time and running time differences between new and in-use 8 volt golf cart batteries. There will be a significant decrease in charging time after the battery break-in period during first charging cycles. Also the running time will increase for the batteries due to charge capacitation during the break-in period (first 20 or so charging cycles).

All battery connections should be checked and make sure they are firm and all terminals clean for your batteries.

Using Different Chargers

The above procedures assumes that one uses dedicated 8 volt golf cart battery charger for the charging of 8 volt golf cart batteries. In the cases where the 8 volt battery charger is not available, one may need to use a 12 volt battery charger but care is required to avoid battery damage. Usually 12 volt based chargers have more charging current than 8 volt battery systems and therefore their charging time tend to be short. This calls for close battery monitoring and remove the battery as soon as it gets to the maximum system voltage. It is however not possible to charge using 6 volt based golf cart battery chargers due to low voltage to push current through 8 volt battery systems.

The procedure above applies to almost all battery types so long the designated charger is used. Care is required when intending to use different chargers and there may be need to consult your dealer for assistance.