How Do I Get An Address For My Property?

Get An Address For My Property

Whether it is because you’ve purchased some new property or because you want to have something mailed to you, if your property is in the middle of nowhere or it is clustered in with other properties it can be really hard for you to know the address of your property. You may have neighbors that are a mile away or they may be to close to you that they face the same problem as you (so asking your neighbors for help on knowing your address is not that effective.) However hard (long and tedious) it may be though, it is not impossible and this article seeks to help you know how to get an address for your property.

Why It Is Important To Have An Address

You need an address because amongst other things you need to be able to receive mail and in today’s instant delivery climate, companies that offer such services would need your address to make the delivery because they wouldn’t be able to mail the package otherwise. But a more serious reason as to why you need an address is because companies that offer utility services like electricity, plumbing and internet access need your physical address in order to set these utilities up correctly on your property. You need an address to let people know exactly where you are on a given map or GPS system so they can easily locate you. So as you can tell by now, an address is very important.

How To Get An Address For Your Property

If your property is built on a new plot of land then the address of your property is assigned by the local government office of that area and it has full ownership over that land. The local government office is where you will be able to get the address of your property. However the process is not always the same because not all governments of local areas carry the same policies. The following steps to getting an address for your property are more or less the most prominent.

Have The Correct Information

Before bursting into your local government office demanding an address for your property you first need to make sure that a couple of things are set up right. First of which is your proof of ownership of the property on which you would like an address. After which you will then have to present a plethora of other documents without fail and they include; the property deed, the contract of purchase, your license and ID (or other forms of identification like a passport), an APN (Accessor’s Parcel Number), the latitude and longitude of the property, the property’s legal description, the contractor’s receipts, the site plan, the architectural and floor plans and lastly a map of the surrounding area (with cross streets clearly depicted.)

So as you can see, you would need to carry a library of documents with you. But be advised that all of the above documents matter in one way or another. Depending on your local government however, you may only need a couple of the above documents to go through the rest of the process.

Fill In The Application Form

These days it is possible to do even the most taxing tasks online. But if you’re unsure about this then you can still visit your local government office to fill in the application form for an address for your property. The application form should be accompanied by the documents stated above to avoid any rejections upfront from the local government. So to be totally safe, make a copy of every document stated above and take it with you to the government office. The most important document for this entire process to be successful is the property deed. Therefore be sure to place it right in front of the pile.

  • After completing the application form, you need to pay a processing fee. Which can range from as little as $50 to as much as $500. The fee depends on your property’s location and what type of building is on it. To complete the process, you should expect an on-site (on your property) visit from your local government’s officials to verify the location of the property and make sure everything is as it should be.
  • The government officials will check to see that your property meets all the correct requirements. Checking the driveway, planning and architecture of the property. This way they know that everything is as it is stated in your documents. You will then receive a notification via mail or otherwise that your property now has an address (if it just so happens that it was approved.)
  • In some cases the builder of the house/ property will take care of everything, including getting an address for the property. Because the builder or contractor is essentially the one who builds on your property, they will be the ones who will have to go check in with the local government office to make sure that they’re building according to the area’s recommendations. And because the builder will build the house from the ground up, until it is liveable (they are responsible for all the hard stuff.) All that would be left for you to do is to move in.


It is not particularly hard to get an address for your property if it is new, you can follow the steps above in the exact same order they are presented. Perhaps the only problem with visiting the local government office by your lonesome is that you may spend the whole day there, filling papers and signing documents but be sure to check out your local government office’s online portal and see if you cannot apply to get an address for your property from there. It is very important to get an address for your property otherwise you’re just in the middle of nowhere with no map or mailing service being able to fully locate you.