Golf Cart Tire Pressure : A Guide

Golf Cart Tire Pressure

There are many golf carts brands in the market and each has its own advantages over the other from cost, life span and maintainability. These are some of the factors considered when purchasing golf carts. Golf carts are mainly designed with standard tire sizes especially when stocked. They are mainly standardized and where the user may need different tire sizes from the factory tires changes can be done and in some cases minor modifications need to be done for tire size changes to be implemented. Tires can be purchased from various dealers in the market. It is important for the owner to understand difference between different tire types and advantage of using each tire type. Different tires may require different tire pressures as discussed in this article. The recommended tire pressure for most golf carts is between 15 and 25 PSI (pounds per square inch), with the average golf tire pressure being around 20 PSI.

Why Golf Cart Tire Pressure Matters

It is important for every golf cart owner to pay attention to their cart tire pressure requirements. This is due to the dangers associated with use of golf cart with over or under pressurized tires. Additionally there are benefits derived from use of correct tire pressure. The recommended tire pressure is in most cases printed on the tire itself. It is important for every golf cart owner to be able to read and understand tire specification particularly tire pressure. This helps to avoid over or under pressurizing of tires.

Tires Life Span

Under inflation of tires results in excessive tire wear due to increased friction between the tire and road surface. Tire life span is greatly reduced as a result of under inflation. Over inflation of tires also may shorten tire life span due to tire bursts. Bursts mostly occurs when the tire hits pot holes. There is a high risk of accidents due to tire bursts.

Improved Cart Performance

The other benefit of using correct tire pressure is improved cart performance. When the tires are under pressurized, this may result in golf cart components like the motor and battery having to work hard to overcome inefficiencies and friction between tires and road surface. This also results in the said components wearing out quickly and thus reduce their service life.

Smooth Ride

It is every golf cart user’s dream to enjoy the ride and this has a lot to do with tire pressure as well. Low pressure tires or unevenly pressurized tires causes uncomfortable riding and driving experience. Over inflation may cause the riding to be bumpy and uncomfortable. In worst cases accidents can be caused by these bumpy rides and as such they should be avoided.

Tire Pressure Reading

Tires for some reasons lose the pressure and for this reason they require being pressurized when the pressure is low. When pressurizing your tires, it is recommended to use pressure gauges so that the correct pressure is inflated without over or under inflation which causes problems. It is important to understand use and interpretation of these gauges. Various types of gauges are available but the concept is almost the same. It is advisable to seek help from knowledgeable person when pressurizing tires in case you cannot use the gauges.

Factors Determine Tire Pressure

There are many factors that determine the tire pressure for each golf cart as discussed in this section. Some of the factors that determine the golf cart tire pressure is golf cart tire size and manufacturer recommended pressure. These factors need to be considered and proper tire sizing is important for your golf cart. Tire sizing and selection are important depending on the intended use of the cart. For rough terrain driving go for rough terrain or all terrain tires.

Tire Size

Different tire sizes may require different tire pressures. The most basic reason for having different golf cart tire sizes despite factory tires being standardized is due to change of tire sizes either to increase golf cart speed or increase the cart clearance for rough terrain. Owners may change their golf cart tire sizes and resultantly the required tire pressure depends on the tire size fitted. Changing tires may also require minor changes like use of lift kits to give extra ground clearance for rough terrain. This comes at a cost but where necessary it’s a small price to pay. It is recommended to consult authorized dealers for any modification on your cart so that you don’t invalidate your warranty. For almost all tire sizes it is recommended for owners to be able to read the tire specifications printed on the tires as these provide information that is important particularly in specification of particular tire pressure. Additionally, tires may be selected based on the desired load or terrain considerations. Various selection guidelines are available for different tire applications.

Tire Recommended Pressure

Different golf tire manufacturers recommend different tire pressures regardless of the tire sizes. Each tire has its own recommended pressure as printed on the tire, and its usually between 15-25 PSI (pounds per square inch). It is important to pay attention to your tire pressure and always use recommended tire pressure to avoid wearing out power systems like battery system due to low pressure causing engine to work hard. Golf cart owners need to be able to read and understand tire specifications and in particular pressure requirements printed on the tire side. This helps to avoid over or under inflation of your tires. In cases where the tire has no specifications on the recommended pressure range, it is advisable to contact the supplier to confirm the tire pressure recommended for that particular tire. It is also recommended to ensure that you replace your golf cart tires with the same size as the original tires and check the tire pressure requirements making sure they meet the designed or recommended parameters.

As discussed above, it is very important to take into considerations the factors highlighted when choosing your tires and their sizes as these have a bearing on the comfort and safety of your golf cart experience. Every golf cart owner should apply himself and understand pressure systems from gauges and air pumps used for tire pressurizing. Authorized dealers and supplier manuals also provide valuable information that helps in selection, sizing and tire pressure recommendations which should be strictly followed.