Dewalt String Trimmer Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Dewalt String Trimmer Problems

If you would literally like to destroy the weeds that grow around your yard, then the Dewalt string trimmer is the yard tool for you. It has so much power and versatility that operating it at full capacity is as simple as pressing the trigger start. However the Dewalt string trimmer is a battery operated yard tool and as such it is liable to a low runtime, which is very problematic to some users of this exact powertool. The Dewalt string trimmer uses a thick plastic string (trimmer line) attached to its spinning head tk whack weeds, grass and bushes, et cetera at very quick speeds.

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1. It Is Loud

The one thing that sets electrically- or battery-powered tools is the amount of sound they produce. As compared to their gas-powered counterparts, electrically powered (in our case battery-powered) powertools are quiet. This makes them more tolerable and less likely to cause long-term damage to your ears. The problem though with the Dewalt string trimmer is that it is very loud, despite its battery powered motor.

To Do

  • You would have to wear earplugs to avoid irritation and hearing damage to your ears.
  • Something may be wrong with the string trimmer, if it hinders or stalls the functionality of the trimmer then it would be wise to take it to a Dewalt repair shop.
  • You can also research to find more quiet battery powered string trimmers. As there are plenty of options to consider.

2. Bad Runtime

Although this string trimmer has a 60V battery, which is as high as a single powertool battery can go. The Dewalt string trimmer blows through its battery like clockwork, causing the problem of a bad runtime. The string trimmer houses a brushless motor that spins at 5800RPM, at its highest setting. So the string trimmer can easily ‘eat’ through weeds (string trimmers are also known as weedeaters.) However this is at the expense of the string trimmer’s runtime.

To Do

  • You can run the string trimmer at a low mode to conserve the battery for longer. But it is still liable to the above problem.
  • Be sure to keep the string trimmer’s thick plastic string at a recommended length. A longer string is directly responsible for more power consumption. And so is a short string.
  • When first charging the battery, be sure to charge it fully. And placing the battery securely and correctly into the battery charger.
  • You can also change or shift the string trimmer to the 15 inch position to gain more efficiency and runtime for the string trimmer.

3. High Vibration

This problem is directly related to the noise of the string trimmer. And it is only a problem because this can drastically decrease the lifespan of the whole Dewalt string trimmer and all its components. A high vibration rate can also cause health issues for you as the user, totally or particularly numbing your hands or arms, because that’s where the energy is dispersed.

To Do

  • This can be accentuated by problems originating from the motor. When you start noticing a very high vibration rate than there normally is. Be sure to take the powertool in for repairs.
  • Grass, weeds or leaves might have made their way into the head of the string trimmer causing the motor’s load to be greater than it should be. Be sure to keep the head of the string trimmer clean of any of the aforementioned things.

4. String Head Breaks Easily

The Dewalt string trimmer’s head is what houses and elongates the string to effectively cut down the things you want to cut down. But the head is also the most vulnerable part of the string trimmer, sometimes making direct contact with the ground as you’re trimming. It should come as no surprise then that the head breaks easily, and this is a problem because the string will also break or shoot out once the head is broken. Rocks can be hidden by long grass and weeds, and when you suddenly hit these rocks with the string trimmer’s head, it will break.

To Do

  • Be extra cautious when trimming around areas with rocks or pebbles (as they can also become projectiles that will strike you and cause serious injuries.)
  • When your arms start to feel fatigued, put the Dewalt string trimmer down and take a breather.
  • Be sure to carry a spare string Head just in case, as this problem can occur at any time.
  • The string Head is made of plastic and can break easily, so keep the string trimmer at a uniform height to avoid it from making any sudden contact with the ground.

5. Can Become Too Slow To Cut

For the Dewalt string trimmer to effectively trim or cut down weeds and grass it needs to maintain a constant set speed. But what happens when the trimmer head is too slow to cut anything? Well the trimmer doesn’t cut alright. This problem can be due to a low battery or damage to the string trimmer’s motor.

To Do

  • Recharge the Dewalt string trimmer’s battery immediately. If the battery is fully charged and you still experience this problem then it might be another issue.
  • Make sure that the speed mode is set to the preferred or correct mode. That is the high mode, depending also on the type of plant you want to trim.
  • Using the high mode over extended periods of time can cause the motor to stop working because of overload. Therefore use the modes interchangeably.
  • Take the Dewalt string trimmer to a service center for repairs.


Dewalt is known for making quality powertools almost to the point of being synonymous with some of them. But the Dewalt string trimmer is not one of them, it has a generic build and design. It’s only standout feature are the black and yellow colors that are symbolic of Dewalt tools. But even so, I think the Dewalt string trimmer is a great tool to have for maintaining the yard, especially during seasons when weeds and grass tend to grow quickly. It is another great (and problematic) powertool from Dewalt.