Chilli Farming

Chilli Farming (Planting, Growing and Harvesting)

Chilli, also known as hot pepper, cayenne pepper or sweet pepper, is a member of the Capsicum under Solanaceae family. Chilli farming is a highly lucrative agricultural venture practised in numerous countries worldwide. Farming chilli originated in the tropics of Central and South America and is among the oldest cultivated crops in the world. Chilli …

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Harvesting Chilli

Harvesting Chilli

Chilli is among the most popular vegetables world over. It is highly famed for its colour, flavour, spice and nutritional value. In addition, chilli is relatively easy to grow, does not require a heavy financial investment, thus farmers find it highly rewarding. However, a reasonable number of farmers involved in chilli farming still struggle to …

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Sunflower Farming

Sunflower Farming (Planting, Growing and Harvesting)

Sunflower farming dates back to 1000BC where it was cultivated as a valuable crop. Over the centuries it has spread amongst farmers globally, especially those located in arid lands. Sunflower farming thrives under drought conditions, hence its popularity in dry areas. Sunflower has a shorter growing period of about 3 months rendering it ideal for …

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Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer

Cottonseed Meal Fertilizer

Fertilization is among the most essential aspect of agriculture. It is primarily used to develop poor soils among various other purposes. Commercially produced fertilizer is often preferred by most farmers, however it is expensive hence the need for affordable and easily accessible options. Cottonseed meal can be utilized as fertilizer due to its highly nutritious …

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