Can Pigs And Goats Live Together?

Pigs And Goats Live Together

Have you ever wondered if pigs and goats can live together? Well, you probably might have never had since most people keep them separately. As alien as this question might be to you there can be scenarios where it must be explored. For example, you might have a limited space (particularly pastures) and yet you want to keep both pigs and goats. Assessing whether or not pigs and goats can live together becomes pertinent. With that in mind we have decided to put together an article looking at this question. There are obviously upsides and downsides which are some of the things we will look at in this article.

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It is Not A Black And White Affair – Here Is Why

Can pigs and goats live together? At first glance this seems like a yes or no question. However, it is not as clear-cut as that and as such it is best to look at both sides. After having done that we shall draw a conclusion from the insights we would have discussed. Essentially we would want to give you an informed recommendation. If you are to make pigs and goats live together you will do it knowing fully well what is involved. If you are to decide otherwise you will also be doing it from an informed standpoint.


Reasons Why Pigs And Goats Cannot Stay Together

Pigs Can Be Omnivorous

Pigs can eat meat just as much as they can eat plants or vegetation. This spells ‘disaster’ for the goats because either way they can be a victim. Pigs can actually end up eating the goats especially the young ones. In the same vein they can also eat vegetation, vegetation which constitutes an integral part of the goats’ diet. Thus if pigs and goats live together it might be a nightmare for the goats. This is even exacerbated by the fact that pigs are typically bigger and weightier than goats. Couple that with how particular pigs are in having their own space and it becomes abundantly clear why pigs and goats living together is a bad idea.

Pigs Are Typically Destructive

It is a common thing for pigs to destroy things within their vicinity. The vegetation we mentioned moments ago is again a victim of that destructive behaviour. As opposed to eating the vegetation, the pigs can actually destroy it thus depriving the goats of their food source. Pigs are known to either trample on the vegetation or to uproot it. Depending on the protective barriers used, they can be destroyed by pigs which ends up exposing both of them to predators or even human theft.

Differences In Feeding Requirements

Some of the aspects we have touched on entail feeding requirements. However, here we want to focus on manufactured feeds. Picture a scenario where there are two feeding spots are set up i.e. one for the pigs and one for the goats. Both animals are adventurous and thus will end up getting into each other’s feeds. Not only will this be wasteful but it might lead to digestive issues. This will emanate from either of the animals eating what is not really meant for them. Some farmers have noted that if goats eat pig feed they can experience adverse reactions e.g. diarrhoea.

Sharing Of Diseases Or Parasites

Pigs and goats living together does not only end with sharing space alone. Diseases and parasites, if any, can end up moving from pigs to the goats and vice versa. This can create a complicated scenario where animals suffer from or exhibit unfamiliar signs and symptoms. The effective control of diseases and parasites becomes very difficult to handle. Imagine having to apply chemicals to deal with diseases or parasites on say, the pigs. The goats will inevitably be exposed and the consequences might be dire.


Real-Life Examples Of How Tricky It Can Be For Pigs And Goats To Live Together

Here we just want to highlight some stories from people who have made pigs and goats live together. There are also those that have tried to make pigs live with other animals. Someone once observed that whenever their poultry would wander off into the territory of the pigs, chaos would occur. The pigs would aggressively eject the birds or even kill and eat them. This typically shows how pigs can be if their space is invaded. Another farmer noticed that one day a snake found itself in a pig sty. The pigs teamed up and viciously killed that snake. Yet again another example of how aggressive pigs can get if their space is compromised by another animal.


Reasons Why Pigs And Goats Can Live Together

The talking points we have delineated overwhelmingly disqualify the living of pigs and goats together. The obvious reason for why one would place these animals together is limitations on living or pasture space available. Frankly speaking, it is highly risky for pigs and goats to live together. It is possible, but rarely, that pigs and goats can live together peacefully. There are some farmers who attest to how they have never experienced any problems with pigs and goats living together.


What Is The Bottom Line?

Can pigs and goats live together? Well, yes, in a way, given you adhere to certain conditions. Pigs and goats cannot live together per se – goats will suffer immensely under such an arrangement. The only semblance of pigs and goats living together can be attained by use of rotational grazing. This simply means that they can use the same pastures but they must never be in the same place at once. There is just too much at stake to risk having pigs and goats live together.


Conclusively, pigs and goats can only amicably live together if the space they are sharing is sufficiently large enough. Remember we earlier spoke of how particular pigs are about their own space. If there is space large enough to ensure there is no mingling between the pigs and goats then living together might be possible. Ideally it could be best to actually demarcate clear boundaries between them even if they are in the same space.